Let's Make Robots!

Need some help with physics question (non robot)

The ten year old really got me stumped on this one...



Code for Jorgen

long LengthOfYourPause;

long remTime;


void setup()


    LengthOfYourPause=5000;  //we will check every 5 seconds    

    remTime=millis();  //remember the current time



void loop()


    //do whatever stuff you normally do in a loop

Started Building the Stand-Alone 3D Printer


It has begun. I have started work on the stand-alone 3D printer.

CTC CNC The building has started.

I started welding on the CNC project today. Woo Hoo!

Blog Entries:

Intro: Materials, costs and where I bought stuff

Day one, building Z axis 1.14.12

CTC CNC Step 2 (Ordered Parts)

Yup, I'm gunna do it. I am building a CNC.

Oh, where do I start? --Seriously, where do I start?

Rocket Brand Studios New Products 11.19.11

Oh, we gots so much good stuff...

The Nano Undershield is now available as a combo with a Arduino Nano included, the Medium Tank is out and both the Tiny Tank and Medium Tank come in awesome colors!!

Find all this and more at Rocket Brand Studios


Drawing, Steppers, LMR Challenge and it works!

Well how 'bout that, it sorta works. I don't know if I am going to kit this one or just have fun with it, but either way, here it is.

I still need to finish the lift mechanism for the pen, but other than that, 100% solid. Woo Hoo!


Arduino Nano UnderShield is Available


It is ready! It is ready! The Nano UnderShield is ready!