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Walter Update & Voice Fail

Just a quickie update guys,

Chris the Carpenter on Facebook

Ok folks,

I have changed my Facebook name from my real name back to my internet name. Up to this point, I have had to keep my Facebook world separated from the rest of my internet worlds. Now that it has been changed, the worlds can collide. So, if anyone is a FB user and is interested in the meaningless crap that I post there, I am:

Christopher Robinson

Go Buy a Bluetooth Audio Receiver!

I just bought a bluetooth audio receiver and you should too. It was about $40 (I won't add a link, there are many many different kinds out there).

It is absolute heaven to not be tied to our main house stereo with that damn headphone plug! I can zap audio from my iPod, mobile, any of the lappies and our main sit-down computer. For all that is holy in the world, go buy yourself one, you will not be sorry.

Walter Update

Walter has been stripped down to a bare chassis...

Walter is being painted.

Damn, I'm getting close.

Free Range Robots (IR Beacon) **UPDATED**

**Update 4.14.09***

OK, when you watch the video... 

First of all, it is like, 5 minutes -sorry. There is a point though promise, and that point starts at about 3:40 or so. Now, I can't stress enough, the code is wicked chunky as it was written in about 10 min. It is all "bang-bang" and not proportional at all. The final code should be about 10x faster, much more accurate with a lot less trial and error. For now, this is just proof of concept and indeed it has been proven. 


Walter Line Follow

Just a quick look at the beginning of my line follow set up...

Here comes science (kids)

A lot of you already know this but I thought I should give those of you who grew up in the 80's or have kids. They Might Be Giants is doing kid's albums about science now and the music kicks the most ass. The album is called "here comes science" and is awsome all the way through. My kids are now officially addicted to the elements song. Here it is:


Birthday Tattoo!!

Well folks,

I just had the 33rd aniversary of my birth and as a gift, my wife gave me 3 more seasons of MacGyver for the DVD collection but more importantly, TATTOOS!!! Yup, a big phat gift cert.!!!! Now, why would I post this news on a geek website like this one? Well, I am going to finally get my wings. Wings of wax on my upper back to remind me of the past times I flew too close to the sun and not to again. Now I needed a roundish symbol to go in the middle and pondered what to do for a while now... I have decided (here comes the geek part)...


A new sexy mobile phone...

Kari and I have been with Verizon for almost 10 years now and during that time, every 2 years, we get a new, free, nifty phone when we re-up our contract. Now, each and every time I am truly amazed how much cooler my new phone is and how much my old one sucked. Once again, this has happened. I just got a new Envy touch and well... MAN! I mean, really --holy crap!

 What you will find below is FROM A FRIGGIN' CELL PHONE!! (It has a macro function!)

Can you believe the quality?!?!