Let's Make Robots!

Voice Recognition for 60 bucks...

So I saw this guy over at Spark Fun...

Calculating Resistor Bridge


Well, I messed around with a lot of resistor combinations, and got really frusterated with sorting through my resistor box looking for all these different values. Instead, I grabbed a pot. I got this one --its a 15 turn, 10k trimmer. I did some preliminary tests and I would love if someone could check my math and calculate the current it is going to draw. Following is the values read with a measure thingie on either "side" of the center pin of the pot.

At 12v:

Tunes for Picaxe

Zjink the file, unzip it, make tunes with your picaxe.

(Oh yeah, this file is 100 or so different "tunes" for picaxe. All are .bas files, cut-and-paste ready)

Suggest Walter's Vocabulary (Closed)

*** Update ***

Well, that's all, folks!

Cheap PCB's

You know, I just gotta plug Sparkfun again...

So I finished designing Walter's new main board (now set-up like a 28x board with all servo connectors) and was shopping around for cheap "only-one-board" PCB people. Once again, Sparkfun rocks! --They do 2 sided boards with all the trimmings for only $2.50 a sq. inch. There is a $10 set-up fee but I just got an email back and learned that is per order... You can have as many different designs per order as you want!!! Hell yeah!

By the way-- Here is Walter's new brain(s)

"May I Go?" Navigation

So I have coded Walter, when in RC mode, to do a sonar sweep and put the results on my LCD screen. At each servo position, the distance sensed is displayed as sort of a bar graph. There are 16 servo steps on the sonar sweep corresponding to 16 charicter spaces on the display. This is exactly the same system as Frits' "See what robot sees" just with a lcd screen instead of on the pc screen. This system now allows me to drive around and point Walter at different situations, a doorway, a chair, straight into a wall etc.

Free Range Robots (and hallways)

Uff-da... So I have pulled the training wheels off of Walter and am letting him rove around sans fences. I have actually had great luck with pre-solving a lot of problems (table legs and driving under things) but still I am running into a few problems.

I ask this as an open question.

I'm getting sick of Sharps --Is there something better?

Alright, this is it... I am anti-sharp distance sensor. I spent over a week fighting noise on the power side which screwed with my RF reciever. I have fried them because thier pin-out does not match the configuration of a servo connector or the picaxe 28x board. Thier numbers jump all over the place. Now it seems that all four of the ones I have are "worn-out". By that I mean this:

High signal from pic to pic w/(2) pwr supplies?

So here we go:

Walter has (2) 7.2v  packs, one for data and one for servos. Each has a switch and can be turned on idependantly (manually). During the "start-up" routine, I need the main picaxe to know if and when the servos have been turned on. It would be like this:

I turn on the main brain. The LCD turns on and displays a message to tell you to "turn the servos on, please" --I need the main brain to know when you have turned them on.