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How to align PCB for 2-side milling?

Hey guys, I am starting to mill PCB's with my CNC and getting very good results. I am down to .01" trace width with no problem. I even made a vacuum table as well. The top surface of the vacuume table has been machined by the CNC to be perfectly flat as well. It works amazingly well.

Rocket Brand Studios New Products 2.7.12

The new products are in! The new products are in!

Need Metric Person to Measure A Pencil For Me.

Are there metric pencils?

If there is someone out there in the Metric World that has a set of calipers, I would really appreciate it if you could measure a pencil for me. Just a regular pencil, the most common one you would find in your particular country. Please measure from point-to-point or corner-to-corner to get the widest part of the hexagonal. Do not measure flat to flat.

I could really use the measurement to the 1000th (ie .000) and I would take it in either SAE or CM. Oh, and I would be curious as to where you are too. 

Everyone else is doing it HC-SR04

Ok, Ok... You convinced me! I broke down and bought a few of these El Cheapo SRF05 knock-offs (HC-SR04). It was Jax saying he got his working that put me over the top. Now the real question is  --is there any way to convert this 4-pin set-up to a 3-pin set-up? Currently, trigger and echo are on different pins, is there any way to connect them? I figure diodes would be in order, but for the life of me, and after a bunch of sketches, I can't seem to figure it out. Thoughts?

What would you call a "Wiper"

I have searching mouser for 1/2 hour now and for the life of me, I can not figure out what to call one of these things. "Wiper" gets me nowhere. I am looking for a small copper contact, sorta springy, that would ride along an exposed trace on a PCB. Specifically, I am trying to transfer power through a rotating joint. This would involve 6 concentric rings etched on a pcb with a 6-pronged "wiper" on the rotating part above.

What is the fancy name for these things?

L298 Paralleled as a single motor unit

Can I parallel the inputs and outputs of a L298 (That's the one with the funny off-set pins NOT the L293D) and double it's current capacity? It is rated at 2 amps per --I would be looking for 4amps total going to one motor.

I am shopping for a store (Recomendations)

I have jumped in, two-feet-first into this idea of making a living selling robots. It has been an incredible amount of work. I think the ducks are now in a row, I have kits on hand and instructions written etc. The website is even close to done.

8 ADC inputs Need Slave Chip


It looks like I am going the brain/ multiplexer route here and will make the ultimate line-follow sensor of death. Led's will be off of PWM for brightness control, white/black threasholds will be adjustable and now I have decided that adjustable pull-up resistors would be handy too. I figure that a simple trimmer pot connected to the common of my resistor array would do the trick, but I would not mind some feedback on the issue. I have added a second video with an explaination. Thanks in advance.


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Looking for SMD Motor Driver Suggestions

Yup, I am on the surface mount band-wagon....

This is a call for any and all suggestions for a SMD motor driver chip. The obvious is the good ol' L293D but hey, I am always looking for something better.

By the way, I am looking for something with similar specs to a L293 or smaller. I will be running a couple of those tiny micro metal gear motors or possibly GM9's. Consider the GM9 to be the biggest motor I would use (in terms of amp-suckin')