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X-bee as a ADC "adapter" or "converter"

Fogive me, I read and re-read the data sheets but can't seem to find this. And I know this is a long shot. The ADC channes on an X-bee --they are just data-in, data-out right? I put an analog signal in one end and I get a PWM signal (equal to the input value) from the other end, correct? Is there any way to use the ADC inputs on an x-bee and get those values out via it's TX data pin? I am trying to put together a work-around for the lack of ADC's on the propeller and I thought, hey --the xbee's have ADC inputs, can I use them? I mean, I already have the x-bee on-board, why not use it?

Kinect Navigation... Done. (Man, MIT guys work fast)

And this is what I call navigation.



5 minutes later... Update. (added another cool video)

Hey! Micro 180 deg Pan and Tilt $20

This just crossed my path and it is very cool --A micro pan and tilt with some extra gearing to get 180 degrees outta the "pan". 20 bucks (20 Squids), too. I want one.... No, I wanna build one!


Servos going to first position in a violent way.

This is an open question on the problem of the violent twitch/swing servos have when they are first turned on and when they get their first position command. The obvious answer is to always finish a "session" by centering all your servos and then turning off, but this assumes that nothing is going to get bumped or creep out of "centered" while waiting for the next time it will be turned on. One could also center all the servos by hand (with the servo unpowered) but I have never cared for moving servos by hand if I can avoid it.

Serial Port now available on iPhone

I gotta be honest, I didn't have a chance to actually read this article before I posted, but it is an iPhone, with a big-ass adapter and a 9-pin serial plug coming out... That's good enough for me!


Again, to be honest --I don't know if this iPhone advance or serial-whatever will help any of us buy hey --I saw it on Boing Boing and you can't go wrong there!

Screwed Up Com Ports

With everything I have been working on, I have been installing tons of new "com ports". Each new thing I plug in (with a FTDI in it) gets a new "com port". The problem is the new ones have pushed my picaxe sync cord to com 26. The picaxe software will not go up that high and can't find it now. How do I change this?

Windows XP

Radio Shack --Cheap Joysticks

Just a heads-up people...

I just came from Radio Shack and they have a ton of off-brand Wii, Play Station and Xbox stuff, cheap. Go buy stuff.

Wiimote = $24

Wii Nunchuck = $8

Wireless Playstation (with reciever thingie) = $10

...and there is a lot more.

Who helped CtC with his nunchuck library?

Are you the one who helped me modify my nunchuck library so that the buttons would maintain a value when I hold them? I lost that library and I need to re-modify the new one.

Is it you?

Binary Explaination and WOOD!!!

Sometimes you just find something that was made just for you...

An explaination of binary... In wooden form!

Life is good.

What is a high-temp therm. resistor called?

Hey guys,

I need a sensor I can stick into a hole drilled into the side of a coal stove. Something topping out at about 1000 degrees F or about 500 degrees C (or so).