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Show Notes Live Show 003 (The real 003)

Show Notes for Live Show Episode 003

Chris the Carpenter Bingo Continues...  CtC Bingo

Xbee Show Saturday! When is the show?

Chris teases a review of a new board. Take a look for yourself A full review is coming soon

New Tagging System for Questions Please Tag Live Show Questions (In the forum) With "liveshow"

13 1/2% vs. 86 1/2%

Alright, I guess I gotta get a set of xbee's (Questions)

Really this is just a couple questions. First off, is there any reason not to buy the cheap ones? They start at about 25 bucks and go up to quite a bit. I don't need super-duper solid data, and I will need very little range, can I use the cheap ones? --Also, and I can't believe that I can't find this on the website, but the price I am looking at is for one unit, correct --not a pair? Gimme any thoughts you have.

This is what I am looking at.

LMR Help Show Notes Episode 002, Sep 10 2010 (mistaken to be 003)

Show Notes for LMR Help Episode 3

Link to the show here


We need your serial numbers!! If you have bought a Start Here Kit, please contact us.

The X-Bee conversation (To be continued in it's own vidcast on the subject) Link to conversation now

If you have used the Google version of Skype, please contact us (Contact me, Chris)

Ask your question via YouTube and send us a link! --Or send Chris a mp3

LMR Help Phone Number!

Alright folks,

Call us and tell us what is on your mind. By calling you give permission to use your message on the show.

USA Number (US country code is 01, I think)


Picaxes Latches, Clocked Serial and I need an Enabler

I am working with a ShiftBrite RGB led and I have it working nicely with an Arduino. The curse of course, is the fact that Arduinos have libraries and a lot of the "work" has been done for you. Now I want to get this guy working with a Picaxe and I am looking for a crash course on clocked serial, latching, enableing (sic) etc.

Learn me in my head with stuff you know good.

This is how to plug in a LED to a Picaxe 28

Picaxe Manual 1, Page 41

Tell me again why I had to look this up for you?


Little Concerned with the Show Tomorrow. 9.3.10

Hey guys,

I just shot an skype message to rik saying the same but I am a little worried about the show. Actually, I am a little worried about my house. Hurricane Earl is on his way up here and seems to not be loosing strength like we thought it would. What was first a prediction of 40MPH winds has been upgraded to 75+ MPH winds. To cut to the chase, this is sorta serious. Now, I'm an ol' Kansas boy so this is just a wet tornado to me, but folks around here remember Bob and assure me this is nothing to underestimate.

Walter Docking off of Compass and IR Beacon

Done. Done. Here is what I have learned. Compasses are great, just great --I am using a HMC6352 (because of a kind LMR brotha) and it simply puts out good clean data with very little flutter. HOWEVER... I have quickly discovered that these compasses do not like magnets --or to the point, they like them way too much! I had to remove my big-ass speakers from the room as the the big magnets on the woofers were throwing things off. With them removed and a quick calibration routine I am getting solid numbers each time.

38khz 3-Pin IR Receiver and Wavelength of the IR LED

I just can't seem to find this through google except for actually looking up a diagram of the "full spectrum" so I need a confrimation here. The IR led's that glow a dim red are the one's in the 850nm range, correct? The ones that are "invisable" are the 940nm ones, is this also correct? Also, the 850 is a "stronger" light source? And finally, I can't seem to find a mention in the specifications of the receiver if it will respond to either wavelength.

Post Show Notes and Links Episode 0.5

This are the links and notes associated with The LMR Help Vidcast, episode 0.5


Discussion of keyboards --Washing them in water and putting them in dishwashers --It Works!!

The "Standard LMR Servo (The little blue one)

A lot of guys buy these little servos here.

We talked about polymorph and Oddbot making sheets of it.