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Open Discussion encoder direction and dedicated pics

I am on to mapping with Walter now. He has stripes on his wheels and a typical IR led/sensor set-up for each wheel. There are actually 2 sets of encoders --One set R/L for the navigation and a second that are attached to a dedicated 28x2 whose sole purpose is to watch the wheels go by (he has a couple eeproms attached as well).

Chris Begs for Parts and Money

Yup, a shameless plug for the fact that I need parts and have no money... By the way, I also need a wireless USB webcam (any quality, any size) so if you got one of those gathering dust.

Much love to all who have already donated money, parts, time, assistance and good thoughts which have made Walter what he is today. Remember, together we can make him better!

Much thanks, Chris.

Help.processing --show text or image for 2 seconds then remove

I am looking for some sorta time command in processing. I have a message box (messages from the robot to the computer) and I want to show a text message for say, 5 seconds or so then have it clear off. I want to do the same thing for an image --show the image for a given time, then remove it. I.e. if the robot is charging, I would like to show a simple 3-image "animation" (each image showing for a second or two) --think of the bars clicking by when your mobile is charging.

Bottom line: I would like to display "something" then remove it. Any thoughts?

Help: Processing, ControlP5 --Using multiple contols

Alright, I am building a new virtual contol panel for Walter using the controlP5 system of buttons and sliders etc. I have taken the example code for each of the contols I would like to use, cleaned them up and converted their final output to an int so it is all happy-slappy and ready to be sent via serial UART. Each of my controls work stand-alone and work great. Now I have to start putting them all together...

Help with serial data out and VB

I am looking for a small snippit of code to show me how I could send a byte or two from Virtual Basic out to my picaxe. I am planning on using my Picaxe sync cable as the serial port and I can find the com port number. Would anyone be so kind as to give me a hand?

P.S. I am asking this for another guy.


Error I have never seen before (Picaxe)

I am getting this error whatever code I try to compile, program or when checking syntax --Anyone have any ideas?


Error: Unrecognised escaped char 0x20; will use it anyway.

I have a funny space somewhere? Something ain't right here.

Which is faster? select case vs. lookup

So I am working on Walter's head moves which are working quite nicely. There are about 100 different moves stored in EEPROMS and can be cued-up and "played" via a number I have assigned to each move. I.e. I know that numbers 1-10 are all just sorta looking around moves. Move 47 is look quickly down and to the left, then a tilt. Etc. Etc. This leads me to the need to play some of the headmoves back at random. Not just at random, but I want one of the random picks to be part of a catagory of moves.

How to code "almost equals" or "pretty close"?

****Full code is attached****

In the code, b19 is increased all over the place. This variable is used in the "ran" select case subroutines to get a "random" move.


What was that huge transistor we talked about?

Does any one remember? It wasn't more than a few months ago. I think that someone was wanting to make a big motor driver and this part was suggested. It was a big, cheap transistor that would handle 40 amps+.

I mentioned in the comments that I was surprised at how few (if any) external parts were needed.

(we might have discussed electric bikes, I dunno)

Telefox was it you?

Open Dicussion: Hard Copies

I was just wondering... I print hard copies of almost everything I work with. I make lists and jot-down ideas with a pencil and paper. I add notes and comments to code I am working on using a pencil. I flow-chart on paper before writing any code. I have stacks and stacks of papers to keep my mind organized.

rik makes fun of me for this!

Open discussion: How do you guys go from idea to code? Am I a dork with my pencil and paper?