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Help: Processing, ControlP5 --Using multiple contols

Alright, I am building a new virtual contol panel for Walter using the controlP5 system of buttons and sliders etc. I have taken the example code for each of the contols I would like to use, cleaned them up and converted their final output to an int so it is all happy-slappy and ready to be sent via serial UART. Each of my controls work stand-alone and work great. Now I have to start putting them all together...

Help with serial data out and VB

I am looking for a small snippit of code to show me how I could send a byte or two from Virtual Basic out to my picaxe. I am planning on using my Picaxe sync cable as the serial port and I can find the com port number. Would anyone be so kind as to give me a hand?

P.S. I am asking this for another guy.


Error I have never seen before (Picaxe)

I am getting this error whatever code I try to compile, program or when checking syntax --Anyone have any ideas?


Error: Unrecognised escaped char 0x20; will use it anyway.

I have a funny space somewhere? Something ain't right here.

Which is faster? select case vs. lookup

So I am working on Walter's head moves which are working quite nicely. There are about 100 different moves stored in EEPROMS and can be cued-up and "played" via a number I have assigned to each move. I.e. I know that numbers 1-10 are all just sorta looking around moves. Move 47 is look quickly down and to the left, then a tilt. Etc. Etc. This leads me to the need to play some of the headmoves back at random. Not just at random, but I want one of the random picks to be part of a catagory of moves.

How to code "almost equals" or "pretty close"?

****Full code is attached****

In the code, b19 is increased all over the place. This variable is used in the "ran" select case subroutines to get a "random" move.


What was that huge transistor we talked about?

Does any one remember? It wasn't more than a few months ago. I think that someone was wanting to make a big motor driver and this part was suggested. It was a big, cheap transistor that would handle 40 amps+.

I mentioned in the comments that I was surprised at how few (if any) external parts were needed.

(we might have discussed electric bikes, I dunno)

Telefox was it you?

Open Dicussion: Hard Copies

I was just wondering... I print hard copies of almost everything I work with. I make lists and jot-down ideas with a pencil and paper. I add notes and comments to code I am working on using a pencil. I flow-chart on paper before writing any code. I have stacks and stacks of papers to keep my mind organized.

rik makes fun of me for this!

Open discussion: How do you guys go from idea to code? Am I a dork with my pencil and paper?

Processing Help -Draw line at given angle

If someone could point me in the right direction here -or- maybe a link to some code examples.

I would like to draw a line from a fixed point, a given length and at a given angle. I have found some examples that show a line that will follow your mouse and will rotate around a fixed point, but not one including length.

Here is what I am looking at doing:

I want to draw a map (just a line showing a path) on my screen as walter travels around. Each time walter changes direction, a little data packet is sent describing his last move. I.e.

Terminal Emulator and/Processing help

While I am waiting for parts, I am back to playing with my bluesmirf. I running a simple loop in processing to spit out a single byte, delay and loop again. The picaxe simply sits on a serin command and echos back to the pc via a sertxd command. I am getting bad data. I simply get a 0 or 255 depending on if I set the picaxe to recieve data inverted or not. I am thinking that somehow the unit has reset itself to factory settings and is back to being set at 115,200 baud. I need to bring it down to 9600.

Why is this cap so big?

So I am installing a new stereo in my truck (I have done custom, high-end installs for years) and am including a power cap as I always do. These caps are standard in the mobile audio world to keep your headlights from dimming and to keep your alternator from being over-worked.

Question: Why are these things so big? I mean, the 10F super cap is just slightly bigger than a "standard" cap where as this one is almost the size of an oatmeal can at only 2 farad.

Just for some additional info, this particular install has a final output of around 1600 watts total.