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Wild Thumper --Voltage drop with no current

So this is a new one... and sorta weird.

I think its called 8-bit parallel transfer? Maybe?

I got a hold of a nifty speech recognition unit after seeing it work here. The kit works quite well and includeds a little display consisting of a couple 7-segment LED's and some drivers. The two drivers are HCF4511BE BCS to seven segment latch/decoder/drivers.

Why are my volt regs so hot?

Simple question:

I am drawing next to nothing from my volt regs and they continue to get hot! I have tried 3 different regulators, a 7805, one with a 3A output and now, one with a 5A output. I have my meter between the battery and the input of the volt reg and I am drawing less than 1/2A ( 440mA to be exact). Even at this level, the heatsink gets too hot to touch.

Robot Test Facilities Have Been Provided...

Holy Geeze,

Did you guys know that there are places to do robot testing on just about every corner? They are all identical (everywhere) and can be counted on for solid, non-changing environments. They go by many names:

WiiDar lidar lassiters and laser placement (oh yeah, it works)

This might be directed only to Grog and Gareth, but I am open to any thoughts.

Prop Palm

Man, I am a sucker for cool little plastic boxes...

So, Nick from Gadget Gangster posted a link to this guy over on facebook...

Right off the bat, I wanted one! Then of course, I had to check out the supply house for the enclosure. That was a bad idea and yes, I am building yet another controller for walter.

How to artificially insert a decimal point on a display

I remember seeing this somewhere, but for the life of me, I can't seem to find it again.

I have some values, in my case, battery voltage and the amp draw from my motors. To keep the resolution, but loose the float, things get multiplied by 10. For example, my voltage within the program would be considered 117. When I display this value on my screen, I want to see 11.7 volts. I need to artificially add that decimal point --only so I, a human, can read it more easily.

Occupancy Grid Programming Help.

With much help and inspiration from Gareth and Grog (and others) I have a working Lidar (wiicamera and laser) system. Currently, I am using a very low power laser (while checking the mail everyday for the good laser to show up) and getting about 16" of range. For now during testing this is just fine. Everything is just in a smaller scale, but proportionally, everything is equal.

Macs and FTDI's

I am in the process of moving processing to a Mac. A iBook G4 to be exact. I downloaded the Arduino IDE and used it's copy of the ftdi driver. I am using the standard SparkFun FTDI board for these tests.

WiiCameras Lasers Ebay and Wavelengths


Well, you got me guys. I took the bait, I drank the Kool-aid. I am a wiicamera/laser, lidar, lassiter convert and I am quickly loving the idea. My current problem is with the strength of the laser. Need some, strength that is.

I hit the old Ebay The robot budget is a small as it has ever been so I will have to make do with the "cheap vs time to get your stuff" exchange and order from China. I have found a lot of cheap laser modules but I would like someone to check my math here.