Let's Make Robots!


Just got my boards back today. I did the seeedstudio 2x2 $20 deal and I guess I can't complain. No better or worse than SparkFun's boards, cheaper yes but almost 5 weeks to get them. At any rate, they are here and populated and work great. One of these guys is becoming a dedicated i2c servo-driver slave and another is going to be the new brain in the VEX transmitter. Super Nifty!

One goal with Walter is to get him to the "being a pet" stage. One major aspect to this is his head and its movements and the "personality" it adds. Walter has a … Read more

Arduino --I need more serials

Ever sense I was gifted an arduino to learn with by a very kind LMR member, I have loved the thing. I like the language, power and available libraries.

Ah, the chaos of life... A lot has happened in the the last couple months. This is neither the time nor the place to rant about personal issues or work or money or … Read more

Gotta Start 'Em Young

I was putting together an order of PCB's to be made when my youngest, CharlieMac, became interested in the lay-out software I was using. I have to admit, it does look very cool when making a board --all those traces and pads, color coded... At any rate, I gave him a shot and he quickly (within 20 min) had figured out how the software worked. Being curious, I drew up a schematic on paper and gave it to him. Pretty simple, just a coin-flip circuit on a 08m. Ten minutes later, he had actually drawn it up... well! He got every connection correct.

Glen the Stove Project --Raw Materials

When I have mentioned my Glen the Stove project in the past, no less than 4 people told me that they just didn't believe that A) we actually use coal to heat the house or B) that anyone still used coal as a heat source. People do, and a big truck delivers it. Really, I am posting this video here for no other reason than the lift mechanism on the truck is awesome... It not only tilts like a regular dump truck, but it is part scissor-lift as well. They driver said the bed part of the truck was over 60 years old! Too cool.

I have had this board in my hands for over a month and I have to say that this review may be a bit complicated. I feel that I not only need to review this board … Read more

X-bee as a ADC "adapter" or "converter"

Fogive me, I read and re-read the data sheets but can't seem to find this. And I know this is a long shot. The ADC channes on an X-bee --they are just data-in, data-out right? I put an analog signal in one end and I get a PWM signal (equal to the input value) from the other end, correct? Is there any way to use the ADC inputs on an x-bee and get those values out via it's TX data pin? I am trying to put together a work-around for the lack of ADC's on the propeller and I thought, hey --the xbee's have ADC inputs, can I use them? I mean, I already have the x-bee on-board, why not use it?

Kinect Navigation... Done. (Man, MIT guys work fast)

And this is what I call navigation.



5 minutes later... Update. (added another cool video)