Let's Make Robots!

Got My New Computer!!!!!

It's a MSI Wind U120 and it kicks the most ass. --Watch the video at your own risk...

How to wire a bumper switch

Wire it like this picture and "jump" would be the code that is executed when the button is pressed...


As I wait for parts for Walter, I decided to get back to my "Start Here" bot. I had an old Playmobile tank which had some pretty fantastic treads on it. … Read more

New Project?

Just found some tracks off of an old toy... What do you think of this:


Plus this:



And get this?



What do you think?



5v regulated but with more current?

Simple question:

Is there a simple cheap upgrade to the good ol' 7805? I need the standard 5v but all of walter's extra boards (i.e. LCD backlights) are starting to get close to, if not over, that 1 amp that the 7805 has to give. I would assume I would never need more than 2, maybe 3 amps.

DC-DC thingies maybe?

40x2 is out

Well, it looks like the 40x2 is out... The picaxe website seems to have it. Before I make an order from England, has anyone seen it available in the US or Canada?

If I do order from the UK, what's that excange again? I double the pounds and that is just a little higher than it would be in greenbacks?

Portable, store-able, fences for robots
So I got sick of finding books, empty cases of beer and various planks of crap to use to keep bots from running into furniture and the like. I though for a while … Read more

Cheap geared motors supplier?

Anyone know of the super-duper cheapest place I can get geared motors? I am looking for something 6-12v, geared, with a final drive of somewhere around 100rpm... C'mon, yo -Somebody's got to have a wicked-good link, right?

--$16 a pop is too much...

LM324 question...

So, playing with oddbots distance sensor, the subject of using an op-amp to beef-up the signal was raised... I got a lm324 and did a little looking over the data sheets and quickly found there are about 4000 different applications for this little guy. Does anyone want to suggest a schematic that would be best to amp-up a signal coming from a IR photo-transistor?