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Ever sampled audio and stuck it on an EEPROM?

Has anyone sampled any kind of audio and was able to stick it on an EEPROM? If so, how was it done? Did it work and how complex of audio were you able to use? There has to be a sampling rate involved here so maybe just some of that 8-bit Super Mario Bros. stuff, right? Gimme what ever ya got!  --Oh yeah, what about playback, as well....
Here's my shot at this challenge... I really didn't figure on how far the tail-end swings around during turns, but the basic shape is there! Read more

$60 Picaxe Oscilloscope!

I just saw this on Instructables...

How 'bout a serial (or USB) 2 channel oscilloscope for 60 bucks that uses a Picaxe 28x for it's base? Oh yeah!

--The guy even sells the PCB for $25!

Link HERE, yo!


USB to Serial Adapters

I am looking at new laptops and it seems laptops with serial ports are a dying breed... I know that Picaxe sells a download cable in USB form but I think I might be getting into i2c programming, that peek and poke thing etc. --All the stuff you need an ol' fashoned serial port for.


Has anyone ever used or tried a USB to serial adapter? They are as cheap as $6 on ebay but I have no idea if the programming editor or any other serial based software will work with it or even recognise it. Does anyone have any thoughts?

On my way to save the World...

I am once again proud to be an American. Sorry about the last 8 years, guys. I truly belive now we will be a force for good.

America, where we solve problems through thought, logic and ingenuity -just like robot builders.




Help pre-programming an EEPROM

I know you 1's and 0's guys are going to throw a bunch of stuff over my head but...

Is there anyway to pre-program variables into an EEPROM (directly from the computer) to be read by the Picaxe later? --Let's say I want to stick in a string of variables that will sorta translate into a map that the picaxe will later follow. Right now the only experience I have had with EEPROM's, as you know, is sticking data into them from the Picaxe. Any thoughts?


Add Your Translation...

So we are an international website but we only speak English! Now I know this is the easiest and probably the only way it would work, but is this the only way?

On this thread, I invite us all to pick a robot sorta thing (word, phrase etc) and give us the translation in your native language. Points are awarded for creativity!

Gives feedback to your robot brain...
Encoders, Encoders... Encoders can be used to provide feedback info to your pic to let it know what the mechanics of the machine are doing. In the case of this … Read more
I thought I should make a "Start Here" robot, so I did! When I built the control board, I included an EEPROM, IR remote, 2 trimmer pots and wired the motor driver … Read more
As a request of BOA, here is a short video about what you might need to get started in welding steel. Read more