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With much help from my LMR homies, I have figured out i2c and EEPROM's! This is just a little video of my first test. Oh, the possibilities now that I can record … Read more

Help with Variables in Basic

This is a chunk of code I am using for my big tracks bot. I am using a irin command to accept inputs from a tv remote i.e. 2 is fwd, 4 is left, 6 is right etc. I am using #5 to goto my write command to enter the number of times I have hit each button onto my EEPROM chip. The Problem I am having is that the variable changes!! I have no idea why. Here is the code with some notes as to the problem. Any ideas?


EEPROM Addresses, Blocks, Nooks and Crannies

This is a general post to discuss the in's and out's of how much and where data is stored in an EEPROM.

My first question is with a 24LC16B. I am led to belive that, using the slave code and switching through the "blocks", I should have 8 blocks and 256 spaces per block to stick data. I am open to any ideas, explainations or tutorials.

i2c new to me...

Allright Folks,

One of you all's gunna need to explain this whole i2c thing to me. I have done a wiki (which confused me even more) and a few google searches. What I have got so far is it is an extra little storage space that a pic can talk to. I guess there are "packets" of bits and addresses or something like that but really, I have no idea.

 Can someone explain this whole i2c thing and include some basic, pratical uses (and how to do it) when being used with a picaxe. --Explain it as if you would explain it to a 4-year-old.

Help with smoking pot(s)

Well, I thought this would be simple, I'm a bit embarrassed really. I was hooking up a simple 5k potentiometer to one of the ADC inputs of a picaxe28. I had +5v to one terminal gnd to the other outside terminal and signal to the center pin. I used readadc and a debug and the set-up worked and did what I needed, however after about 20 seconds came the evil blue smoke. What did I miss? Man, I feel like an idiot -such a simple thing to hook up. Any ideas?

Help with a charging circut...

Hey guys,

I have been playing with a LM386 amplifer chip. It's a great little simple chip and takes very little power. I soldered together a little stereo amp and added some crappy little speakers for an iPod speaker system that I can use in the kitchen while I cook. Here's the deal, I was wanting to run it off of solar PV cells as there is a perfect window just above the sink. I am guessing that I would be charging between 4 and 6 AA's for it's little battery pack.

So here's the question:

GM3's and a 9V

Has anyone run any of the GM motors (GM3 GM9 etc) off of a 9v battery? I was thinking that after the 1.5v drop that the motor driver takes, the motor will only be getting 7.5v. --That's only a little tiny bit above the 6v specs. Anyone tried this? Or does anyone have a idea of how bigga resistor to use to drop that last volt and a half? --Any thoughts you got, folks.
  Well, here's a fun one I built out of a bunch of parts stolen from one of my first bots: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/589   Read more

Support SparkFun!!!!!!!!!!

Hey folks,

So I just had a total, smoking melt-down of 4 IR distance sensors. To say I was quite upset would be an understatement. At the same time, my wife and kids are on holiday for the next week leaving me in a nice, quite house with time to work on my robots. Now, I have the time... But no sensors.

 I just got off the phone with Paul from Spark Fun ( http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/categories.php )

Now, I can't say exactly what they did to accomidate me, but I can say I AM A VERY, VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER!!!!!

Listen to this: