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Does anyone know resistor codes?

Hey folks,

I am working on an IR thing, I don't understand 4k7... is that 4007? why is 7 after the k? Can I get it at radio shack? I'm an idiot but i used to know this... (give me anything you got)

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I thought I would go ahead and give myself a shameless plug. My wife and I just posted episode 100 of The Lifted Lorax Show podcast. I put in almost 30 hours in edit and it's pretty good. -Not bad considering I had to get 4 hours of raw audio down to 52 mins. At any rate check it out if you want... :)


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Different pics for different codes

Well, I am putting together a shopping list of parts pending an Ebay sale... I was thinking of getting a few extra 08m's for some simple projects. Question: I noticed that all the robots with a servo/ range sensor have to stop moving to take a look around (one code at a time, you know) --Is there any reason i couldn't "sub-out" some of the things the robot does? I.e. could an 08m take care of the servo movements and take distance readings so the main chip doesn't have to slow itself down doing this?