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CTC's Destiny (I found the picture **and more!)


Ladies and Gentlemen,

I found the picture.

Must have been '88 or '89 maybe.


****UPDATE 10.16.12****

God Bless the Internets!!!!

(I found the original article)

PhotoTransistors (Top or Bottom?)

I am following in Mr. Oddbot's footsteps and once again, walking the road of cheap, IR-LED based obstical sensors. Put simply, I can not seem to replicate the results of the work of others. Let's do some bullet points:

A great design by RoboPaul

Paul, I am sorry to single you out here but this has to be said.

You gotta catch 'em doing it right.

WiiCams back in Stock



After the slowest of slow boats from China, we have gotten the needed supply of boards.

WiiCams are back in stock!

(So is everything else people have been waiting for)


Someone Knitted me a QR!

Hey! How cool is this! My friend Wendy knitted me this awesome QR code...   And it works!



Rocket Brand Studios

Line Follow, DeskBot, IR R/C, Bump-n-Turn
Using a
Little Line and Ledge Bot   ***UPDATE 8.3.12*** Added video of desktop/ bump and turn routine (Top Video)   Read more

One-off Aluminum Bot for Sale

Hey guys, 

I have decided to part with one of my one-off bots. The aluminum bot is currently up for sale. It is complete, fully assembled and pre-programmed with basic autonomous code. Only one of its kind.


More info at:


Need some help with physics question (non robot)

The ten year old really got me stumped on this one...



Code for Jorgen

long LengthOfYourPause;

long remTime;


void setup()


    LengthOfYourPause=5000;  //we will check every 5 seconds    

    remTime=millis();  //remember the current time



void loop()


    //do whatever stuff you normally do in a loop