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Need Metric Person to Measure A Pencil For Me.

Are there metric pencils?

If there is someone out there in the Metric World that has a set of calipers, I would really appreciate it if you could measure a pencil for me. Just a regular pencil, the most common one you would find in your particular country. Please measure from point-to-point or corner-to-corner to get the widest part of the hexagonal. Do not measure flat to flat.

I could really use the measurement to the 1000th (ie .000) and I would take it in either SAE or CM. Oh, and I would be curious as to where you are too. 

Drawing, Steppers, LMR Challenge and it works!

Well how 'bout that, it sorta works. I don't know if I am going to kit this one or just have fun with it, but either way, here it is.

I still need to finish the lift mechanism for the pen, but other than that, 100% solid. Woo Hoo!


Arduino Nano UnderShield is Available


It is ready! It is ready! The Nano UnderShield is ready!


Everyone else is doing it HC-SR04

Ok, Ok... You convinced me! I broke down and bought a few of these El Cheapo SRF05 knock-offs (HC-SR04). It was Jax saying he got his working that put me over the top. Now the real question is  --is there any way to convert this 4-pin set-up to a 3-pin set-up? Currently, trigger and echo are on different pins, is there any way to connect them? I figure diodes would be in order, but for the life of me, and after a bunch of sketches, I can't seem to figure it out. Thoughts?

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