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FLEXEL-1 PWM Question

Have any of you tried to enter a PWM value outside of the 500 to 2500 ms range for configuration 1 (RC Servo) on the FLEXEL-1 chip?  I would like to drive a couple of L298's with this and would like to have the full range of duty cycle.  Do values outside of the 500 to 2500ms throw an error?

Experiences with Xduino

Have any of you ever used the Xduino before?  If so, what's your opinion of it?  What problems did you encounter?  Was the IDE easy to install and use, and did it work reliably?  

My main concern is that it is a 3.3V device, which is uncharted territory for me.   

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Arduino Shield Layout

I am planning to use a simple Arduino Shield for my next project.  I would like to use DipTrace to do this.  Before I start trying to measure distances between pins on the Duemilanove board, I thought I'd see if anyone here has a DipTrace file that could be used as a starting point for a shield.  If so, I'd appreciate a copy.

Picaxe connection problems

I bought a PICAXE 20M for a new project, and I'm trying to download code to it over the serial port of my computer.  I set up the circuit with the 22k and 10k resistors and tried to download, but I got a 'memory validation failed' error.  In the options dialog, I can get the Firmware version with no problem.  After looking at the PICAXE forum, I did the following:

- Checked the voltage going into the PICAXE - at first it was reading slightly over 5V, but I added a 7805 and it now reads about 4.8V. 

- I tried doing the hard reset.

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