Let's Make Robots!
Should be able to roam around my house, respond to loud sounds with a ear perk, answer questions like "What's the temperature?", augment home security, deliver voice messages, be an awesome robot and win me some prize money from somewhere.
I've been wanting to make a robot dog ever since I saw Blue Falcon and Dynomutt and Dr. Who's K9 in the 70's.  And I've also always wanted a robot that I can talk … Read more

Battery packs and power distribution

Before I ever started with robotics, I read Gordom Mccombs' book Robot Bonanza.  He said it's best to use two battery packs, one for the drive motors and one for the microprocessor .  And I built all of my robots like that.  But I'm wondering if that's what everybody else does?

How to (Get a Robot to) Boil an Egg

Here's an idea for a breakfast making robot I've been kicking around lately.

First, keep 2 eggs in a small metal basket in the refrigerator.

The robot fetches the eggs - (either keep the basket in the same spot or use a vision system (like pixy) to find the basket).  Opening and closing the frig is a pain.  Unless the frig opens itself up by remote?

The robot places the basket of eggs inside a pot that's already on the stove.

It adds water to the pot with an on board pump and reservoir

Pixy- cmucam5

Just got it.  

I plugged in the usb and it couldn't find drivers for it.  

Just figured out how to take the lens cap off.  

I could sure use a manual.


Robot ATV?

Does anyone else want to make a robot out of an ATV?  How hard can it be?  GPS, Laser Range Finder, sonar, compass, etc- they're all off-the-shelf-parts nowadays.

I have a theory that I've been working on for over 25 years now.  It's about making robots smarter by making them more aware of their surroundings.  To make them … Read more
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