Let's Make Robots!

Battery packs and power distribution

Before I ever started with robotics, I read Gordom Mccombs' book Robot Bonanza.  He said it's best to use two battery packs, one for the drive motors and one for the microprocessor .  And I built all of my robots like that.  But I'm wondering if that's what everybody else does?

How to (Get a Robot to) Boil an Egg

Here's an idea for a breakfast making robot I've been kicking around lately.

First, keep 2 eggs in a small metal basket in the refrigerator.

The robot fetches the eggs - (either keep the basket in the same spot or use a vision system (like pixy) to find the basket).  Opening and closing the frig is a pain.  Unless the frig opens itself up by remote?

The robot places the basket of eggs inside a pot that's already on the stove.

It adds water to the pot with an on board pump and reservoir

Pixy- cmucam5

Just got it.  

I plugged in the usb and it couldn't find drivers for it.  

Just figured out how to take the lens cap off.  

I could sure use a manual.


Robot ATV?

Does anyone else want to make a robot out of an ATV?  How hard can it be?  GPS, Laser Range Finder, sonar, compass, etc- they're all off-the-shelf-parts nowadays.