Let's Make Robots!

vpn for china

So I've found myself in Shijiazhuang in China and will be here till the 12th June. I can't access youtube or google and I just wondered if anyone might know a decent vpn software to get around the Great Wall.

I downloaded one from cnet but it didn't register and installed some other crap I didn't want. Is there a reliable recommendation or is there no hope of getting normal access here?

How many versions of arduino have you got?

I've got a few versions of arduino on my pc and I'm probably wasting space but I bet I'm not the only one.
Just wondering what versions are best to keep. I believe there are incompatabilities with existing code for some older or newer versions.
At the moment I've got 21,22 and 23 and 1.0.3.
Are there any I haven't got I should have and which of these should I ditch.
Also is there a way to tell each version where it's sketchbook is and keep it. I've noticed that when I switch ide's I have to change the sketchbook back. Really annoying.

Birthday present for raspi

Today comes the announcement Broadcomm are releasing the details on their video core iv gpu which is similar to the harware used in the raspi.
Eben Upton has announced $10,000 bounty for the first to come up with a new open source driver that takes advantage of this release.
Happy Birthday Raspi!

quad encoder read speed

This is as much a programming problem as it is a mechanical issue I guess.
A few of us are working with quad encoders at the moment and I'm just wondering about ideas how to overcome a problem I've encountered using some.
I'm using interrupt on change to count encoder ticks and also reading a 16 bit timer for the interval between ticks on each motor.

official arduino robot

I don't know whether I've been under a rock or something but I was surprised to learn about an offical arduino robot.

I also didn't realise we were up to arduino 1.0.5 now and the robot library is included.
Well for all you people who were ignorant like me, now you know.

; D

Pre-post apocolyptic robots

A funny little video I saw on botjunkie one of the best news sites for robots on the web. I'm not averse to swearing like a sailor myself at times but I feel like the level of swearing does let this one down a bit, otherwise it's a very humorous story.

Win7 and bluetooth

Hey guys. This one is more of a win7 problem and I'm hoping someone else with win7 maybe has played with the bluetooth modules you buy on ebay and might have solved this problem.

I've got a HC-06 unit and it works fine. I've had it paired and communicating with my arduino thanks to sketches and tips here.

Webcast: making arduino controlled robots

Just thought I'd point out this webcast being provided by O'reilly media on 30th october at 10am PT.
It's at an ungodly hour of 3am on the 31st for me here in brisbane but I've set my alarm.
Maybe it will be worth it.


A4988 and steppers My experience and mistakes

I've bought a few of the pololu stepper drivers A4988 to populate a ramps1.3 board used in printrbot. Before building the mechanics I soldered together the ramps board and plugged it all together with my arduino mega2560 and the drivers. Having tried to work out the best software combination with marlin version and either pronterface or replicator G I could not for the life of me get any action from the steppers in the control panel for either host software.