Let's Make Robots!

Domain Adhd

Well as if I don't have enough development systems to study(my poor Ti launchpad lies waiting still) I couldn't resist getting the Cortex ARM- M4 discovery board from St Microelectronics. It looked a really good value board and I know there are a few people here who have already got one. Delivered it cost me 25 dollars Aus. Thats about what arduinos cost here in shops but of course this board comes with a lot more features.

Funny sketch Comedian and robot

I got a chuckle from this one. I found the audio a bit poor at first but it got clear enough to follow.

Robot and Frank

Here's a quirky looking movie called Robot and Frank. Four clips at the link.

And here's another for a different style of robot movie. Archetype

They are like chalk and cheese but both look interesting.

How to delete comments

I keep posting replies to the top of the topic instead of after the question. I can't see a way to delete the mistaken post only edit it. Is there any way around this to change the position of the post?


Ok I've never played around with these sonar rangefinders all you guys have. This isn't so much a question of how do you use them but I'm curious to know what is the difference between them and the sonar used in boats and subs?

Serial motor controllers

I bought a couple of these a while ago and just got around to playing with them and I found something odd in their command features.


I thought I'd check a few other controllers available from sparkfun and others to see if they also worked the same. What I'm talking about is the fact you can update only one motor at a time.

Arduino and ethershield

I have the ethernet shield with an enc28j60 chip. I used the web_server_switch .pde from nuelectronics and followed instructions there and elsewhere on how to get it working.

The problem is I can get it working in a local browser but I cannot access it from my galaxy. I turned on port forwarding for the shield and have checked everything on my routers settings but no success. I am running win7 with a netgear router. Can any networking gurus suggest some things to check?

Cool video now and then

Clever add. I love those old tin robots.


A different method of propulsion using gears

I liked the look of this

It's supposed to be a dinosaur robot but some of the movements reminded me of a robot chicken.