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Free development environment for microchip pics
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Makes an easy start to your pic project
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Amazing amount of moving parts

It's amazing what people do with legos but how do they get so many parts in the first place. This contraption is mind blowing in the amount of moving parts. Warning - you may want to turn down your volume.

A journey into small robotics

Swarmi - A journey into swarm robotics

Raspberry pi

Just wondering... I haven't seen anyone say so yet but has anyone got their hands on a raspberry pi? I was just invited to order one from element 14 but they said delivery would be in August sometime. So it's on order. How many here are interested in the raspberry pi. I've seen a couple people comment about them.

Domain Adhd

Well as if I don't have enough development systems to study(my poor Ti launchpad lies waiting still) I couldn't resist getting the Cortex ARM- M4 discovery board from St Microelectronics. It looked a really good value board and I know there are a few people here who have already got one. Delivered it cost me 25 dollars Aus. Thats about what arduinos cost here in shops but of course this board comes with a lot more features.

Funny sketch Comedian and robot

I got a chuckle from this one. I found the audio a bit poor at first but it got clear enough to follow.