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Arduino Contest

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Arduino Contest: Think It – Build It – Share It!

Concept Design Software

I discovered this really cool software called AutoDesk Sketchbook Pro 2010. Its great for putting your concept ideas down. I have to get use to drawing with a stylus yet. I am going to use this on my project ideas at school. Its pretty inexpensive also. Here is my first attempt at drawing something.

concept design

DC motor question

I was walking through Lowes the other day, and found this great trash can that looked like a robot to me. I was able to pick it up for super cheap!! What I want to do is add two DC motors to the bottom and a caster wheel. I want to make this robot carry my books around school for me. I am lugging more text book weight than I ever did in the Army with my ruck sac. My physics book alone is killer.

Trash Can

This is a great little autonomous robot project using an arduino that can easily be completed in a short amount of time. We used a Modern Device RBBB (Really Bare … Read more

Future Robotics Engineers

Check it out everyone. We had our first Arduino class. I was excited to see how many parent & child participants showed up. We were expecting 12 total but had double that!

Here are some photos.



PCB Fabrication

I just discovered this site http://www.pcb-pool.com in the new Servo magazine. I went to check it out and was surprised. I can order 100 PCB boards of my shield design for $330 with 8 day turn around. SparkFuns batchPCB which is what I have been using would cost 1445.95 for 100 of the same board, and they take about a month to arrive.

We recently had some parts designed through Ponoko.com, on that order we threw in some pieces for a simple arduino walker. If you have younger kids who are … Read more

Beagle Board

I am starting this thread so that we can use it as a central location for discussing the Beagle Board and any projects, etc.

If you use a Beagle Board in a project post a link here.

Here are some resource links. 

http://beagleboard.org/ (Main Site)

http://beagleboard.org/project (Projects using Beagle Board)

http://code.google.com/p/beagleboard/wiki/BeagleBoardShoppingList (Stuff you need )

Code help, please

I have been trying to use Guibots xbee example of controlling 2 led's with 2 pots. I want to control a servo with a pot through xbee. using the servo.h sketch the below is what i have, but cant seem to get it to turn the servo. if i hook it up directly with no xbee involved, it works fine. so my problem is taking the example servo.h scketch and being able to break it into two sketches. send and a receive. i appreciate any help.

 looking at the below can you tell what i am doing wrong?