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L298N + picaxe28x1 (axe020) could work?


recently i found that the problem with my project is that the motor consumes more than 1 amper (with no load),

because i tried using the L293D it didnt really work well (that's an understatement).

since i would really like to save the trouble of building my own high current H-bridge, i thought the L298N can do the job.

so after measuring i found out that the motor consumes:

1.5 amper with no load.

2-2.5 with the nominal load.


picaxe 28x1 with srf08?


im trying to connect the srf08 to my picaxe, no luck so far.


i connected it like in pic.jpg

i know the red and yellow lines are correct. what about blue and green?


ad for software im really lost.. any document ive seen uses different commands

 if you can tell me the right commands for range finding or givir a sample of a code that would be much appreciated

a few questions regarding picaxe 28x, ,voltage regulators and SRF08


well im working on my first robot and i have the picaxe 28x1 board from the start here guide

i am trying to connect an SRF08 to it, i understand i should connect it with i2c,

i looked in the picaxe 28x1 manual (http://www.rev-ed.co.uk/docs/picaxe_manual1.pdf page 28)

and it says that the scl and sda are legs 14 and 15

my question is, where are these legs on the board?

is it really input 3 and input 4?


my second question is about the v1 and v2 on the board