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Act as a virtual person remotely, allowing a person on the Web to interact with others in an unstructured environment
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This is a Telepresence robot, it is intended to be connected to the Intenet (Wifi) and allow a remote person to interact with the (remote) environment. Whilst not … Read more

Servo Control with PICAXE-08 (NOT M)

One for TofuRobot.

 1.    The electronics:-


The Diamond on the left is the Picaxe pin, I normally use a resistor 100-200R just to protect the Micro just incase of short or plugging the servo in backwards (there are two types of people using servos, those who have plugged servos in backwards and those who are about too!).

Hello all,  YAYDM, Yet another Yellow Drum Machine! I have gone away from the original a little bit, my one uses the Tamyia dual gear box and tracks, everything … Read more

Ardunio Motor Control

Hello all

 just a quick note on building a motor control board for your Ardunio, use the following circuite:



 This will allow you to drive two motor forward and reverse using just a L293D, a 7404 and a few caps and resistors.

Note this is good for about 600ma continuious, so don't cook it!

8085, intended to use ultrasonic obstruction detection.
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This robot was inspired by the TAB Build your own Robot, the first version I built back in 1985, long since gone! So I decided to build another one to play with, I … Read more
Mini Sumo Robot, uses IR for ring and other robot detection
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This robot was built to learn PID control of motors, I use IR shining through holes in the one of the gears in the gear box. IR is used for Ring Edge detection and … Read more