Let's Make Robots!
Well I've started work on a new robot, with size in mind. It's setup is somewhat similar to the "start here" bot, but it's actually got a chassis and something to … Read more

I can Program C!

If you have read about My first navigation bot, you may recall I wasn't quite ready to program my robot, as I couldn't quite understand the ADC, so my dad did it for me. Well now, I getting the grasp of microcontrollers and I have even made a filter for my sensor to filter out noise and improve the range of my infrared reflective sensor. My dad had a whack at that earlier, but my filter picked up objects over 1 and a half times as far, and with little or no noise picked up. YAHOO!

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Navigate using a reflective infrared sensor
Using a
I have made my first robot with my dad not long ago. My dad wrote the program as I'm not EXACTLY sure how to use the ADC, which I need to interpret the analog … Read more