Let's Make Robots!

Phidgets! Summer is over!

Wow, I must be the slowest robot builder in the world lol.  I've been playing with this idea for a couple of years now lol. Winter is my phidget time! Here is a video of the software I am creating to work with a SES and Lynx6 arm using phidgets.  The video shows how i've created the same movement delay for my full robot arm that I have for each individual servo using inverse kinematics.

Hoping to come up with something reasonable to control this arm over the web on my webpage.  Probably an overly complicated internet dog feeder or something using distance and touch sensors.

Touch Screen with Phidgets

Not much to say.  I'm tired. Just installed a touch screen mod for an aspire one D150 netbook and playing around with my phidget software.

I'm starting to get a little tired of thinking I have anything productive to bring to the robotics community.  Seems everyone laughs at phidgets and such.    I don't know.  I guess I just have the summer blues.  I don't feel like working on projects because I would rather get outside while it's nice and do other stuff. 

Anyway, another video, hope you find hit useful.


Super Star !

Playing around.  Please send links to your friends if you think it is fun!

Sharp sensor with my phidget control

A quick video of me playing around with a sharp sensor mounted on my robot arm.  This video demonstrates the flexability of my custom servo and inverse kinematics control written in C#.  Nothing spectacular.  In fact, it's in poor shape at the moment, but I wanted to post a video becuase it's been a few months since my last robot video.

Robots, dogs, and tortillia

Hello again.  I'm starting to feel a bit shameful.  I hope I am not posting too many videos.  Is this OK?

Ok.  So, I'm doing all this on the fly.  I'm sorry I haven't posted anything about the hardware or the software I'm using.  I'm still creating the software to control my robotic arms with phidgets.  I'm having alot of fun with it too.

Robot Fight!

So, Ok.  The SES had a bit of an unfair advantage.  But hey.  The plastic linkage controlling the gripper on the Lynx 6 broke when I over extended the gripper picking up an object.   Why did I take the time to pick up a roll of yellow duct tape during a fight?  Well, the Lynx 6 was already moslty incapacitated, and  I thought the Lynx 6 might need it.    

Always bring a roll of duct tape to a robot fight!  :)

It's all good though.  I have a replacement on order, and the Lynx 6 will come back for round 2! 

Live Phidget Cam

Check it out here if you're interested: http://semicton.com/SandBox/PhidgetInternetLamp/PhidgetCam/tabid/101/Default.aspx

IPCamera and my phidget Internet lamp.

Having a few problems displaying images from my IP camera. Seems when I use AJAX to update the image every 3 seconds, my server is caching the image from my IP camera, so I've decided to just give a direct link. I'll work out the image problem later.

Dancing Robot?

This is a response video to Trossen Robotics GREAT April Fools day video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3Mikq5lMDc

My SES arm with Phidgets is still learning how to dance! He needs just a little bit more soul fo' sho! Give the lil' robot another 6-12 months and it's gonna be disco fever!!! Give him a few more days, and this lil' robot is gonna be sporting a new yellow jacket, and a long black mullet for head banging!



Talk to the hand! Er, gripper?

OK.  So everyone fumbles sometimes in life, and in this blog post with video, I fumble perfectly.

LOL, I'm normally dry and boring but here I'm controlling my phidget arm with my mouse and attempting give it a voice, and character while acting a bit silly.  I fail horribly. tee hee. I'm such a buffoon!


Phidget Servo Controls - 2

Am I blogging correctly?  I'm still a little new and a bit confused.  Sorry if I might seem to be spamming?

This is a video of my two controls working together. 

I still have a lot thoughts of how I'm actually going to present a final GUI and functionality, so this is just a starting point. Keep in mind, these are two separate controls. My intentions are to allow people to use my phidget servo control individually and/or use the IK control individually or, both at the same time, with as little code as possible.