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Damn those LCDs

Rightyo, sparkfun 16x2 serial lcd hooked up to 3.3v, gnd, and the tx pin on my arduino. I just want an example of really basic code that will print something on the lcd, i've searched the arduino site and google but none of the tutorials seem to make sense. is the move to x character command necessary? I just want print like the values from a sensor or what not which seems easy if i could just have it print something simple.


 this is my code:

It was a slow weekend and I had an arduino sitting around so i decided to make a quick robot. It also gave me an excuse to learn wiring which i've been meaning to … Read more

Trying the arduino

So i got bored tonight and decided to try and use the one and only arduino i bought which has been laying around for a few months. I made a really quick chassis out of shapelock then used some zipties to hold everything down (literally everything). Wired up a 293d, and i think a sharp? Looked through some code other users had posted and tried to get my robot to work. The motors run fine, i'm using a 6v battery pack for the motors while having it plugged into my comp to power the sharp. For some reason, and i'm almost positive it's the code, the sharp won't respond.

Servo Strength

Alright, so i've been out of the game for a while and most of my parts are being used. I now need to order several servos (12 in total) for a hexapod build I am planning. Each leg will have 2 DOF, with one standard servo (i'll come back to this) connected to turn the leg right and left, and a more powerful servo (coming back to this again) to move the leg up and down. I'm not exactly short on cash right now, but I really want this to be a relatively cheap build.

FIRST Robotics competition

I hope this is the right catergory for this post.


So basically our school started a new team this year and we entered into the NY FRC challange which begins january 9th. Now i personally dont know too much about the competition regarding the specs of the parts and build requirements but we can worry about that later. I was just wondering if anyone here has done this at there school or knows more about it and would be able to give a first year team some pointers.

Pic Axe opensource database

I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before but I really like the idea and its probably the one thing that may switch me over to an arduino. I'm sure most of you know that the arduino has an open source database filled with tons of sample code, tutorials, and best of all... PICTURES. Now if we could get a handful of dedicated forum members (with decent cameras) I would like to organize and document how different parts interface with the picaxe microcontrollers.

Work has begun

I'm adding this as a blog entry rather than a new robot project because its still somewhat in the design phase. I started working on my project board today, installing a bi color LED, l293D, as well as wiring it up to the programming jack. The only reason the 293D has nothing hooked up is because i'm waiting till tomorrow so I can run out to radioshack and pick up some screw terminals for the motors.


Running Multiple EEPROMs with i2c

I found an older post /node/2119 with a link to this site (http://profmason.com/?page_id=106) which i have been looking at for a while. I somewhat understand the addressing, however the electronics part is a bit confusing. I know what pins 1-4 are grounded with pins 6 and 7 hooked up to the i2c sda and i2c scl pins (in that respective order) on the picaxe, in my case pins 23 and 18. IF I got all of that right, I'm wondering how (physcially) you're able to hook up more EEPROMs on the same line. I understand the adressing part, however the electronics part is a bit sketchy.
First project board : ) Its basically a 40x1 hooked up to a l293d, with a bi-color LED. All the random pins are for either ground or power, with 2 being analogue … Read more


Been gone/ working the entire summer and I finally got around to placing my sparkfun order. Parts for the new bot : )



See you guys around