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Need Rechargable Battery

Looking through my sparkfun order yet again, i've realized I really need two things: firstly a rechargable battery 7.2V +, I have no idea how amps work, but i doubt i'll be needing more than 2 (would a 2 amp battery work with 1 amp electronics or fry them?). The main battery would be used to drive auxiliary functions such as motors, servos, and sensors (two GM2's, 1 servo, and 3 IR, 1 ping) The second battery will need to run a RF reciever, LCD screen, and my main board.

End of school/ New calculator

Well as of lately i havent been to active on LMR (youll have to excuse the lack of punctuation and poor grammar as ill be writing this in a hurry). I got out of school this monday and i still have 2 remaining finals, which i feel woefully unprepared for, one of them being tomorrow. On top of that i recently ordered some bike parts from england which put quite a hole in my wallet thanks to the exchange rate. But, as of today i own my first graphing calculator which cost me $150 or two weeks of work.

SparkFun order compilation

Well i've been saving up for another sparkfun order for a while. At the moment i only have a 28x1 w/ project board, one l293d, two motors, a sharp and a ping. Today i recieved two GM2s with some wheels and two more L293D's but i dont have another chip to use them with. Point and case i need some help picking up new parts.

i finally got around to finishing it and making a video. It would have had a servo except i brought it into school for a demo on friday. I was thinking of adding my … Read more

Price and function, which Pic axe?

Well its a bit late in the year, but i have started our schools first robotics club and have attracted a suprising large crowd. I intend to show them them basic concepts, much of which are covered here, with the final project being the start here bot (final planned project).

Transmiting Video/ serial data

Well after seeing Jim lovells updated bot i've decided i want my next project to go towards that direction. Sorry i still dont know how to link the post right but its here, http://letsmakerobots.com/node/6820. And starting either next year or in a few weeks ill be be the president and founder of our schools new robotics club : ), i think for the first meeting i would want to show a bot that would demonstrate a wide range of tech.

My first working custom board

Its been a long night, and after suffering several burns from soldering to testing, i have a finished product. Its only a small project but it was a huge step for me because i always aimed at creating my own board and this is the first.

Right now it has 3 Battery inputs connected in parallel, (thanks robologist/ jklug) hooked up to Oddbots 5V regulator schem with one output in the form of those battery screw thingies whose name i forgot at the moment. The best part is that it works :D. See you guys around.

Power Board

alright well i was working on the power regulator for my new board and i had 4 AA's hooked up like nobodys business, and im getting a steady 4.24V. The AA's themselves are not fully charged and are 5.07V combined. I want to add two additional AA bats, using the original 28x1 board case (normally 3 slotted) with a jumper, im not sure if this makes a difference but ill mention it. When i tried adding the other two i smelled a burning smell and then burnt my finger on one of the springs, the V while this was happening dropped to .8V or something.

Flexpicker bots and LMR knockoff?

I came across these two videos while scouring youtube, I think the flexpicker bot are pretty damn cool, i wish i had a robotic arm like that.

 The second vid seems like a ripoff of the start here bot from "CwhatIcanDo.com" 

New Project Board

hmm didnt read wihle writing this, its rather long. Skip to the bold to see my questions


Alrighty well i know you guys havent seen it but i did end up finishing the start here bot and it works... cept it has no wheels. Obviously it wouldnt be very intreasting to post a video of that so when i do end up making another order from solarbotics ill be sure to pick up the wheels (hopefully soon, youll see).