Let's Make Robots!

Rocketbot robot controller and wireless fun

So recently I decided to purchase a bluetooth module in hopes of pairing it with my phone in case I ever wanted to show off a robot to someone. In my quest to find an android app for my phone, I came across three. The first is the cellbots app (more information found here: http://www.cellbots.com/), which include a .pde file that I tried to deciper for some simple functions but ended up giving up after a few hours. The second is the amarino plugin available from here: http://www.amarino-toolkit.net/.

Robot video

Made a short video over the weekend to practice some camera shots and whatnot, I had this guy laying around for quite some time and decided to use it as a subject. The video is more about the camera work than the robot, sadly.



FIRST Ny regional

So i've been a little inactive lately, due in part to my involvement in my schools robotics team, but i'd thought i post a few pictures from our competition over the weekend at the javits center. Not exactly the greatest pictures but the competition was really cool.


Sorry it's taken me so long to update.

A little more on the robots:

Trying the arduino

So i got bored tonight and decided to try and use the one and only arduino i bought which has been laying around for a few months. I made a really quick chassis out of shapelock then used some zipties to hold everything down (literally everything). Wired up a 293d, and i think a sharp? Looked through some code other users had posted and tried to get my robot to work. The motors run fine, i'm using a 6v battery pack for the motors while having it plugged into my comp to power the sharp. For some reason, and i'm almost positive it's the code, the sharp won't respond.

Work has begun

I'm adding this as a blog entry rather than a new robot project because its still somewhat in the design phase. I started working on my project board today, installing a bi color LED, l293D, as well as wiring it up to the programming jack. The only reason the 293D has nothing hooked up is because i'm waiting till tomorrow so I can run out to radioshack and pick up some screw terminals for the motors.



Been gone/ working the entire summer and I finally got around to placing my sparkfun order. Parts for the new bot : )



See you guys around

End of school/ New calculator

Well as of lately i havent been to active on LMR (youll have to excuse the lack of punctuation and poor grammar as ill be writing this in a hurry). I got out of school this monday and i still have 2 remaining finals, which i feel woefully unprepared for, one of them being tomorrow. On top of that i recently ordered some bike parts from england which put quite a hole in my wallet thanks to the exchange rate. But, as of today i own my first graphing calculator which cost me $150 or two weeks of work.

Price and function, which Pic axe?

Well its a bit late in the year, but i have started our schools first robotics club and have attracted a suprising large crowd. I intend to show them them basic concepts, much of which are covered here, with the final project being the start here bot (final planned project).

My first working custom board

Its been a long night, and after suffering several burns from soldering to testing, i have a finished product. Its only a small project but it was a huge step for me because i always aimed at creating my own board and this is the first.

Right now it has 3 Battery inputs connected in parallel, (thanks robologist/ jklug) hooked up to Oddbots 5V regulator schem with one output in the form of those battery screw thingies whose name i forgot at the moment. The best part is that it works :D. See you guys around.

Power Board

alright well i was working on the power regulator for my new board and i had 4 AA's hooked up like nobodys business, and im getting a steady 4.24V. The AA's themselves are not fully charged and are 5.07V combined. I want to add two additional AA bats, using the original 28x1 board case (normally 3 slotted) with a jumper, im not sure if this makes a difference but ill mention it. When i tried adding the other two i smelled a burning smell and then burnt my finger on one of the springs, the V while this was happening dropped to .8V or something.