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FIRST Robotics competition

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So basically our school started a new team this year and we entered into the NY FRC challange which begins january 9th. Now i personally dont know too much about the competition regarding the specs of the parts and build requirements but we can worry about that later. I was just wondering if anyone here has done this at there school or knows more about it and would be able to give a first year team some pointers.

Pic Axe opensource database

I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before but I really like the idea and its probably the one thing that may switch me over to an arduino. I'm sure most of you know that the arduino has an open source database filled with tons of sample code, tutorials, and best of all... PICTURES. Now if we could get a handful of dedicated forum members (with decent cameras) I would like to organize and document how different parts interface with the picaxe microcontrollers.

Running Multiple EEPROMs with i2c

I found an older post /node/2119 with a link to this site (http://profmason.com/?page_id=106) which i have been looking at for a while. I somewhat understand the addressing, however the electronics part is a bit confusing. I know what pins 1-4 are grounded with pins 6 and 7 hooked up to the i2c sda and i2c scl pins (in that respective order) on the picaxe, in my case pins 23 and 18. IF I got all of that right, I'm wondering how (physcially) you're able to hook up more EEPROMs on the same line. I understand the adressing part, however the electronics part is a bit sketchy.

Need Rechargable Battery

Looking through my sparkfun order yet again, i've realized I really need two things: firstly a rechargable battery 7.2V +, I have no idea how amps work, but i doubt i'll be needing more than 2 (would a 2 amp battery work with 1 amp electronics or fry them?). The main battery would be used to drive auxiliary functions such as motors, servos, and sensors (two GM2's, 1 servo, and 3 IR, 1 ping) The second battery will need to run a RF reciever, LCD screen, and my main board.

SparkFun order compilation

Well i've been saving up for another sparkfun order for a while. At the moment i only have a 28x1 w/ project board, one l293d, two motors, a sharp and a ping. Today i recieved two GM2s with some wheels and two more L293D's but i dont have another chip to use them with. Point and case i need some help picking up new parts.

Transmiting Video/ serial data

Well after seeing Jim lovells updated bot i've decided i want my next project to go towards that direction. Sorry i still dont know how to link the post right but its here, http://letsmakerobots.com/node/6820. And starting either next year or in a few weeks ill be be the president and founder of our schools new robotics club : ), i think for the first meeting i would want to show a bot that would demonstrate a wide range of tech.

Flexpicker bots and LMR knockoff?

I came across these two videos while scouring youtube, I think the flexpicker bot are pretty damn cool, i wish i had a robotic arm like that.

 The second vid seems like a ripoff of the start here bot from "CwhatIcanDo.com" 

Help with school project

Alright let me break this down quickly; i being the procrastinator that i am, (a very good one) left a project for the last minute (i.e. it should be due tommorw). I assume i can find most of this stuff in the manuals however i dont have enough time to test all the different circuits as well as design the aesthetic and written portion of my presentation.

Pic-axe 28x1 programming

I just got the all my parts for the start here robot, and its fully contructed however i have almost no clue on how to program it. Could someone posibly link me the most usefull pic-axe guide for basic? And/or have any tips or suggestions for programming of the start here robot?

Arduino Hexapod

I youtube'd arduino and found this great video of a hexapod and thought it was intreasting.

 The second video is a slightly differnt robot (i think) but the same idea. 

 I also have a question if anyone can anwser, i know the picaxe 28x1 is only able to control 2 motors with forward/ backwards. but this is a hexapod. Is it just that the servo cables are Y-splitted and the front and rear legs are run off the controller track? Or can the arduino control more servos. a little confused