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Arduino vs. Picaxe

Im still relatively new to robotics and micro controllers, and while searching the internet for information i stumbled upon some arduino projects, both on youtube and their site. As i am still learning basic/ programming in general along with robotics i was wondering what you guys thought about the arduino as experience robot builders. I currently have the picaxe 28x1 starter kit and im in the process of making the start here robot (waiting on parts) but im not sure which is better.

Solar Panel

I was thinking of creating a large solar panel composed of maybe 40 or so of these


then mounting them along with some light sensors onto a moveable panel which would which would adjust based on the readins of the light sensors to allow maximum sunlight for the solar cells. You could then add capacitors to store the energy for the motor/ sensors ect. while diverting the remaining energy to whatever you like. e.g. 9V battery charger, direct power for robot, you name it.

Start here of start heres

I stumbled on this site from a link on the nasa page as was drawn to the community developement that happens here. I've seen a lot of the robots on the site, as well as started ordering parts for my start here robot. However the catch is that i know nothing of C++ or robots in general. Im in highschool at the moment and havent been offered courses on electrical engineering, or robotics but it has always been one of my foremost dreams to build robots. While looking around the people here make it seem easy, building large robots, or programming hundreads of lines of code.