Let's Make Robots!
It was a slow weekend and I had an arduino sitting around so i decided to make a quick robot. It also gave me an excuse to learn wiring which i've been meaning to … Read more
First project board : ) Its basically a 40x1 hooked up to a l293d, with a bi-color LED. All the random pins are for either ground or power, with 2 being analogue … Read more
i finally got around to finishing it and making a video. It would have had a servo except i brought it into school for a demo on friday. I was thinking of adding my … Read more
Entertains people/self
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While this may not be as awesome (or mobile) as the other robots but its something i've been wanting to do for a while ever since i saw one on youtube. Right now it … Read more
Well its been a while, but i finally finished the base. Right now everythings held down with double sided foam tape, but i plan on cable tying the motors down. … Read more
Forward, Back, Turns left and right.
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Hi guys, this isnt an autonomous robot but i thought i'd post it while i wait for the rest of my "start here" parts to arrive. Its not a very complicated robot, … Read more