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Charger for NiMH packs

Hi guys, anyone can recommend a charger for a 5 or 6 NiMh batteries connected in series? I would like to keep the pack on my robot and be able to just plug in the charger instead of pulling the batteries out and place them in the charger (most AA chargers have only 4 slots, so 2 batteries need to wait to charge or I have to use 2 chargers).

So, any charger for 7.2V or 6V able to charge 2700mAh AA NiMH battery pack?


Toronto Mini Maker Faire

Hi guys, on September 21st and 22nd there will be a Mini Maker Faire in Toronto, Canada.

Is anyone from LMR attending? I would like to meet up and chat. If anyone is interested to set up a LMR booth, we can talk, cause I'm not going to do it alone. On the 22nd is my daughter's birth day, so I will be bussy with her party.

Let me know if you plan to attend!


Finaly, after years of waiting, the killer app is here: ArduinoDroid an app that allows one to program an Arduino board from a tablet or (some) phone. Yeah, now you can pack light for that robotic contest or conference, no need to carry the whole laptop, just a tiny 7" tablet that you can also use to read, watch movies, play games... or quickly tweak your sumo robot's code.

Pinokio, the robotic lamp

Someonw posted this on G+ and I hadto share it with you guys. I know you're gonna love it!


The Social drink Machine

Well, the Romanians at Robofun have built a drink mixing robot. It's not looking like the famous Bar2D2, it's looking more like a 2 axis CNC machine, but it has it's share of coolness. To order a drink, you scan the bar code with your smart phone, get to the site and choose a drink. Then wait for a bar code to be displayed on your phone, place a glass in the machine and show the bar code to the machine's webcam.

RoboVoice speech synthesizer

I just got my lastest Servo Magazine (electronic subscription) and I saw a new speech chip for a nice rethro style robot voice. This new chip, RoboVoice, is like a brother to the SpeakJet, but with a built in text to phonemes converter (800 rules database). It costs $24.99 but for the Servo readers there is a discount for the month of November so you can get it at $16.99 from SpeechChips.com: http://www.speechchips.com/shop/item.aspx?itemid=22

Robotic Bee Colony


I was out for the weekend and it seems there was a lot of talk on this subject. It happened that I had one of my bee hives swarm and I had trouble retrieving it. However, this gave me a thought of changing the theme a bit: Robotic Bee Colony. 

Cheap gearhead motor with built in encoder

I just saw that The Electronic Goldmine has the Faulhaber gearhead motors with built in encoders sold "As Is" for $2.95 (regular $11.95) because the ribon cable may have cuts in it and some motors may not work properly. Still, for the price of a pair at a regular price you get 4 pairs of motors to use in several projects, so I thought I should share. I've used these motors in my MiniEric robot and I'm very happy with them.

building a 3D Copy = Star Trek Replicator machine

Hi guys, I will need your help to convert my (still in developing stage) MakiBox 3D printer into a 3D Copy machine. A 3D Copy machine should allow one to place an object into the machine, select how many copies to be printed, scan the object and start printing the copies. Here is what I was thinking:

- use the David Laserscanner technique to create an image of the object

- install a turntable under the printing surface to rotate the object while scanning

- use a stepper or servo to move up-down the laser line to scan the object

- use a webcam to read the images

3D inkjet printer, DIY

Here is something I have stumbled upon today. The ingenuity of some people never ceases to amaze me...