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Adafruit has added to their shop a Slip Rings with Flange. Six wires 26 AWG, gold plated rings rated max 240V @ 2A. Read more … Read more


In a reply to this post: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/31641 I have exposed one of my software problems that I encountered on one of my robots. I am re-posting this separately with some added info:

Wanders around avoiding obstacles
Using a
This is a Start Here robot style I built for my daughter Julia, so she can have something to play with, because she keeps bugging me wanting to play with my … Read more

Omnibot mk1 by Michal Zalewski

I came across a cool design for a robot that can turn it's wheels at the same time to turn in place or drive sideways. Take a look here:


The guy made molds for planetary gearboxes, levers, wheels and motor mounts. Here is an image:

Samsung announces new depth and image camera sensor in a single unit

At ISSCC 2012 Samsung announced a new sensor that is capable to measure depth besides taking RGB images. The depth data is 480x360 with 1% acuracy out to 5m. The RGB data is 1920x720 and the sensor operates at 20MHz. For more details, reat this link:


Here is a sample depth image:


Snap together electronic brick modules

littleBits Founder Ayah Bdeir discusses her opensource library of electronic modules that snap together with tiny magnets for prototyping and play. Bloomberg's Sheila Dharmarajan reports on Bloomberg:



Honey, don't forget to empty the robot's litter tray...

Here is an article about EcoBot robots that use microbes found in soil, water and rotten fuit to generate their energy need to go about doing their daily activity. At the end of the day they actually crap their waste out in a litter box. Seems the robots are about to go green and off-grid, who are we waiting for?

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The Robot Builder's R-duino is an Arduino compatible board for building robots. A bit longer than the original Arduino boards, the RBR has the following features: Read more

1000 Free chipKIT Max32 boards for competition entrants

Check this out:


Nice prizes and a free dev board from Microchip. I am not a user of Microchip products, so it would take a lot of time to learn for me to participate, but I thought others micht have an easier journey.

Good luck!

Use a 38kHz remote control receiver sensor for detecting objects and avoid collision.
Do you want to know how to use cheap infrared receiver sensors to detect objects? How to build a Single or Dual proximity sensor and determine fast if you have … Read more