Let's Make Robots!


If there's no Asimo on a Robots Community, is not a Robots Community!!!

How did you find LMR?

How did you find let's make robots?

I found it on StumbleUpon, and you?

Virtual Simulator for explorer mobile robot
Last year I made a virtual simulator as part of my Masters Degree research using Matlab’s tolboxes of VRML and Simulink for controlling the famous K-team’s … Read more
Mobile Robot controlled by a PDA Palm
Hi everybody, I would like to show you one of my robotics projects, it’s a mobile robot integrated with a Handheld Computer (Palm). The main idea of this … Read more

Microsoft Robotics Studio

Hi, does anyone here know Microsoft Robotics Studio (MSRS)?

Does anyoneone used it?

Do you think MSRS will be a standard on programming robots?

Lego NXT Rubik's Cube solver

I just saw this video and it's amazing, you can download the source code and the instruction to build the robot if you're an NXT fan. (http://tiltedtwister.com/)

I hope you enjoi it.


Robots on the Street

This is one of my favorite videos showing robots on a near future.


LMR, global project, possible ?

Hi everybody, I just had this crazy idea, and where else if not here to post it.