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iCub, the Toddler Robot

iCub, the Toddler Robot (w/ Videos, Pictures)

A little humanoid robot called iCub is learning how to think for itself, bringing the world of science fiction to reality. The major goal of the "RobotCub" project is to study how humans learn and think, using a robot with the size and brain of a toddler, but the study is also expected to have practical applications in the near future.

Microcontrolling on the cheap with Arduino and Linux

I found this article on the Linux Planet site:

 Microcontrolling on the cheap with Arduino and Linux

Just the covers the very basics, really.

Worlds Smallest Walking Robot

No bigger than a thumb, the human-shaped Robo-Q can kick a football, find its way out of a maze and dodge unexpected obstacles.


Measuring only 3.4 cm high, it is fitted with artificial intelligence enabling it to navigate and play games.

Built-in infrared sensors also allow the Robo-Q to walk around objects placed in its path.

Robot shirt

I found this shirt today.  Kind of cool and only $10 USD, shipped in CONUS.

Robot shirt



Also on the site was a link to a PDF you can print and cutout to make paper toys of some the robots printed on the shirt.

Laser guided French robot

Not a video, but still cool.

A French robotics start-up called Wany Robotics has announced two mobile, mini-ITX-based sensor robots that run Linux. Aimed at educational and R&D applications, the PeKeeII robots are based on Via C3 or Intel Core 2 Duo processors, and offer sensor telemetry, ultrasound, and laser detection.  And it runs Linux!  :)

CR123A batteries

Has anyone here used R/CR123A or 18650 batteries in their bots?  They seem to be a good power/size ratio.  Rechargables seem to be fairly reasonably priced.

I've seem the 138650 @ 2200 mAh w/protection PCB and RCR123A around 1000 mAh w/no protection.

Arduino Nano arrived!

I finally got my Arduino Nano!  It's so tiny and has a blue LED underneath for power indication.



I have not had much of a chance to play with it, but it sure looks cool.   Can't wait to put this to use in a bot.  Thinking I may try an Olympic Challenge bot!

Hod Lipson: Robots that are "self-aware"

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. It started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from those three worlds. Since then its scope has become ever broader.  Watch this video featuring Hod Lipson as he discusses the future of robots. Hod Lipson shows some of his robots, which have the ability to learn, understand themselves and even self-replicate. Learn about the future of robotic development and artificial intelligence in this video from TED.

Stonehenge, the robotic clock

This is a pretty cool robot.  Pretty limited uses, but still cool.



Price: $49.99 USD
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