Let's Make Robots!

Geared up Servo

Ok, thanx to Ignoblegnome idea I have done my 360° servo

First i started cutting pieces of PVC, i took a bunch of screw and nuts in order to build the frame for my superservo...

but suddenly Gareth appears in my mind and say: "Use the polymorph Luke..." :O

yeah right, very easy, 10 minutes of work and it's done, very sturdy and precice.


Now i can sweep my sensor in 360° :D

new project: the critter in the terrarium

 the idea is simple

there is a terrarium (a box)

inside the terrrarium there is a critter which lives forever

the terrarium have a refuel station able to recharge critter batteries

1) when the critter is full of energy it lives:

roam the terrarium and interact with enviroment :respond to sounds, make sounds,  blink lights according ecc

it's able to detect environment light level then respect a day/night behaviour cyle

2) when the critter is low battery it head to refuel station and acquire electrical lock with it

new project: 3 servo exapod

i want top build my 3 servo exapod like this one  


it have to be half in size




i will try to use polymorph for legs and body

Polymorph ?!




uh  It could work as a neural network....











new project: solar rover based on Picaxe 18X

the idea is to use a picaxe 18X as a brain for a little solar rover.

i have discovered that a picaxe can function as a solar angine because it works down to 2.5 volt

so im planning to use a solarbotic 33x37 policristalline cell wich provide 6.3V - 30ma

picaxe remain in nap mode untill caps reach a voltage near to 3.5 v then activate motors to accomplish an action loop....

and so on....

i use a 74ac240 as motor drivers and geared pager motors ...


by the test i have done till now it seems all can work properly....