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Simple Audio Preamp

i found an easy to make audio preamp that i intend to use to measure a sound with an ADC input on my arduino. i want my robot to respond to me clapping and start a drumming sequence. I may have to use some aditional circuitry to turn the output to a simple high pulse when the sound goes above a certain level, this way i can use one of the arduino interrupt pins to start the sequence at any time. heres the link:


here is someone who has used it with an avr chip

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navigate using IR sensors
Using a
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The BIG robo-project

The story so far:

I am currently studying engineering at Alevel (edexell advanced engineering diploma) im coming to the end of the first year on this course which, so far has been great. next year I have to complete an "extended project". we will spend 5 hours a week for the entire year doing this, it will be largely funded buy my schooland I will also have complete acsess to Sheffield hallam university's workshop and expertise.

Navigate around via IR sensors.
Using a
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Arduino Motor Control

I have just purchased a new robot chassis for future projects to be built on. Heres a link...



i am unable to find very much info on the motors in the chassis, but i am wandering what sort of motor controler i will need. all i know is that it uses  2 x 9Vdc motors  that are run of 6AA cells. im using an Arduino as a controller and would like somthing thats relitivly easy to code for.