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Unknown Scart device

Hi LMRians. 
I need a little help identifying an unkown piece of tech.
If any of you know what this is i would be very appreciative. 
Scart USB 

Variables and operators help in Spin

Hi again LMR Im having some problems writing basic obstacle avoidance code for a propeller based robot with a ping
when i compile the code i get the error "variable needs an operator"
its a bit noobish of me really but im a bit stuck.
And yes i have read the pages on operators in the propeller manual (page 144 in the propeller manual v1.1)
Heres a screen cap for those interested

many thanks for the help

Tom J

setting up a propeller on a bread board

im having trouble getting the propeller tool to recognise my breadboarded propeller chip.
ive set the chip up according to the schematic below except the eeprom has been ommited.
the propeller tool is telling me that nothing was found on the com ports


eventually navigate via ultrasound and compound eye
Using a
I started building the Mr General kit this morning. Cant continue much further until the 3.3v regulator arrives. Waiting on a free sample of a MCP 3208 from … Read more

fritsldr with arduino

hi guys.
ive been having some problem figuring out the code for a fritsldr in arduino.
so far i keep getting this error:

error: expected unqualified-id before numeric constant.:

 error: expected unqualified-id before numeric constant in function 'void loop()'

Christmas Presents

What was the best present you got this year? post it here so we can all see and show off to others what we got for christmas.

mr Dozer

im redoing brainy basic into a much better robot.
ive looked and learnt with robotics this summer, ditching the picaxe which i didnt get on with for the arduino.
basically he will be a bulldozer but with attitude.


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female to female jumper cable search

Im in a bit of a situation at the moment. i need some female to female jumper cables but cant seem to find anywhere in the jolly old uk that sells them.
Any help would be much appreciated.
Tom J

Edit: thanks to all for your help.
ive found a site that sells them but i think ill follow mike and make them as the price is high.