Let's Make Robots!

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4.5 Children

4.5 Children

Thought i would catalog these here as a first for LMR (4:11:2013)...... (before any other maker feels the siberian wind)

These are the first members to be added to my family of Matryoshka dolls .

I designed them with "Blender" and 3D printed on my "Ultimaker" at 0.2mm Zaxis step. (so room for more Vodka)

Dagu Classy Chassis

What more can we ask for..... Awsome presentation of our very own LMRer OddBots & Tyler (Dagu) Classy Chassis.

Has anyone built an iPhone or android App ?

I am in need of a App Maker (either iPhone or android) that will :-

(1) Give button menu system to over 400 pictures

(2) Give Button menu system to 16x 2minute films

(3) Possibility of switching subtitles on/off to above films.

(4) interactivity is the Key to the whole thing.

I have all the Data already made on a DVD (as above) ...i just need to bring my system up to date ...as DVDs are dying...

I have never made any "Apps" before so clueless on the process.....(especial cross platform ie android/iphone)


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Flap her wings kinda realistically
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XY Scanning/Plotting Bed
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Make your own ink jet silver conductive fluid

Nurdrage shows how to make a silver solution that an ink jet printer can use..... yikes that's an exciting prospect....

$20 Robot platform

The Making of a Robot including Mcu for less than $20

This project was devised to show how easily it is to make a robot on limited funds.
It is a good "Starting Off" Robotic base as it can be easily changed and transformed.
This is just the start of the project and there are many additions planned for it.