Let's Make Robots!

$20 Robot platform

The Making of a Robot including Mcu for less than $20

This project was devised to show how easily it is to make a robot on limited funds.
It is a good "Starting Off" Robotic base as it can be easily changed and transformed.
This is just the start of the project and there are many additions planned for it.

Kimono - Saki avoidance

Kimono :- second addition to swarm farm ....(third and forth are already in the side lines .......)

As LMR is crawling/limping/lagging along due to server problems ..... project is posted Here .(with video)


Strange happenings - "Tesla coils" and one wire power transmission

I have been following this Youtuber aka "slider2732" for a while now...... and this video really spoooooocked me out...

......he is on my all_time "Hero List" now.

.... I just gotta try some of these out....

12V car battery....errrr no!!!! its a capacitor bank

Are battery manufactures pulling the wool over our eyes ?

Desktop robots are becoming more and more popular, ie a companion that breaths the midnight "Rosin" solder flux with you. I present Dave , who is of monolith … Read more
So far so good..... early dremel dentistry indicates that its viable and worth pursuing ....... However i need some ...... More-ality Voting :- ..... Are you a … Read more
Detects Spirits in 3D and plays 3D surround Sound Tracking signal
Fritsl_s Spirit Detector has been niggling me for more than a year now. I have used the circuit he described and multiplied it by 3x. The Idea is so :- Place an … Read more
Unmanned Ground Vehicle UGV Multiple Sensor Platform
Using a
I have always wanted a robot with multiple sensors to absorb and shout out about the environment in which it lives. So what you will be seeing with "PropRover" is a … Read more

Foot in the RedBox Door

Looks like the RedBox firm are opening the door for Parallax Propeller ........ Good news indeed....

This is the latest visual imaging processing board from our redbox firm..

The Best Quote @2:30 :-  " its actualy acting as a stand alone board , its not connected to an arduino as you can tell"

....G shouts "Awsome" .... but.... i think the header pins are a bit out of place though !!!......



The Propellers Spin code has some very neat OBJ routines to work with complex maths. This is a run down on how to use the floating point routines. Since starting … Read more