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RFID hits the ShoutBox

Just wanted to share this........

 I bought a new RFID reader .......

It installed quite nicely all by its self  as a HID (Human Interface Device)

Now i was clueless "Wot2Do" with a RFID HID.... soo.....

.... yes ask the ShoutBox someone will point me in the right direction......

Gareths Elvish Propeller Mini Computer Framework.....

I needed disparately a mini platform for development - the propeller can be easily set up to read ps2 keyboard/mouse and output a composite video signal, plus sound and if i play my cards right a usb bridge interface for my phone.

All i have basically done is sit the propeller usb board into an ic socket and soldered 2 IDE diskdrive sockets either side - allowing me to use the system like a breadboard for experimentation. On the back i have wired in sockets for mouse and keyboard.

My Wii-camera will just plug into the ide socket....... oh this is going to be soooo magic..

Walk this way (JMEWalker Clone)

I could not resist making a clone of a JMEMantzel walker (NOT the spidertank mech) as featured in his video Here.

This is just a mock-up to understand and tune the walking mech.........before.....

shrinking it to half (or quarter) its size - controlled by central servo for turning..............

The Barcode input method i will be expanding as well.

Do you think a picaxe 08M is up to the job ?      (servo-motor-barcode)

Tricopter - flights "Cancun" - "Insaine Fireworks" - "Warehouse"

These Tricopter flights just take your breath away.

His other WoW factor vids can be seen here  http://www.youtube.com/user/dadde87

Attracts FireFlies into your garden
Using a
This is robotic Firefly based on a picaxe 08 using UltraViolet leds as sensors. Flight School. Here you can see her Big Flattering Stereo eyes, they are simply … Read more

Megan40 - UltraViolet Detectors ( IR is going out of fashion )

Megan40 - UltraViolet Detectors ( IR is going out of fashion )

This is my latest FireFly codename Megan40 ...... because she sports 40MΩ feedback resistors

If you need detectors that are not affected by ambient light then i highly recommend using UltraViolet LEDs as detectors.

The detect circuitry is finished - next part is to shoehorn the picaxe 08 onto the back to control servo and UV glowtube.

"Jar of FireFlies" - 08 picaxe LM324 opamp Syncronisation

Here is FireFly C10 detecting the UV glowing light off FireFly C224

C10 then synchronises and flashes in unison with C224

"Jar of Fireflies" part 2 - Enter the "No.10"

Second FireFly is in the Jar........ code named "No.10"

Disassembled Green version.

1 UV LED and 2 caps = 6 legs ....... one set of 3 is the positive and other set of 3 is the negative )-:so it can not cross its legs :-(

Glow PolyMorph Ultra-Violet LED body has a bit more "Organic-ness" to it now........