Let's Make Robots!

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4.5 Children

4.5 Children

Thought i would catalog these here as a first for LMR (4:11:2013)...... (before any other maker feels the siberian wind)

These are the first members to be added to my family of Matryoshka dolls .

I designed them with "Blender" and 3D printed on my "Ultimaker" at 0.2mm Zaxis step. (so room for more Vodka)

Dagu Classy Chassis

What more can we ask for..... Awsome presentation of our very own LMRer OddBots & Tyler (Dagu) Classy Chassis.

$20 Robot platform

The Making of a Robot including Mcu for less than $20

This project was devised to show how easily it is to make a robot on limited funds.
It is a good "Starting Off" Robotic base as it can be easily changed and transformed.
This is just the start of the project and there are many additions planned for it.

Kimono - Saki avoidance

Kimono :- second addition to swarm farm ....(third and forth are already in the side lines .......)

As LMR is crawling/limping/lagging along due to server problems ..... project is posted Here .(with video)


Hakko (compatible-affordable) Digital controlled soldering station

Due to recent  intense smd soldring work, my 25watt antex soldering iron was begining to show its limitations......

... so out with the old and in with a new Hakko 907 (compatible) soldering system.

Truth is i found the temperature controller first .... which was a godsend because the current stye of hakko enclosure did not "Grab" me.....

...... Creating my Custom Box is too awsome to even think about :-)

My system consits of :-

Mystery Object Late Spring 2012 (update 2 with flames)

This "Fun" experimental robot idea has been haunting me for a while now......

First Test piece is "in the box" ... one of many.... (edit ....estimated 18)

...however the remaining Questions are :-

  1. What is G up too   ?
  2. What material is G using  ?
  3. How will it be deployed   ?
  4. Is it going to be worth all the work ?

Surrogate Robotic Mother

Breaking News :-
Propaxxo (surrogate mother) was rushed into the Labour Suite last weekend.

How far would you trust your robot...

Idea :-Damage control ...... take the control off the operator if it exceeds the design limits of the robot - robot makes necessary actions to get out of danger and only then hand control back to manual operator control.

Not bad for a single set of  fixed Infra Red sharps .... positioned to detect Cliff and Obstacles......tuning needed though.

In the second video it fails only because it was over-correcting the correction and exposing its back to the cliff ....... to solve this i programmed faster but shorter turn corrections.

SummaSketch III input device

Look what i found deep in my "Keller Vaults" ..... A (almost brand-new antique) -SummaSketch III tablet........ 

....ideal for making some vector plot graphics ....good time_ing on my behalf ..... makes life easy and me thinks that all you CNC/3D print persons would kill for one ........ as it can also spit out mm or inch scaled units .... slap a blue print robot plan onto the tablet and trace the data in....oh Yehhh...

However the propellers SetRamp servo command is causing a few headaches on how to scale the speed of the X compared to the Y axis .