Let's Make Robots!

Swiss Milka Cow "Colour Match System"

Swiss Milka Cow project takes on some colour.

Firstly :- New body made (old one to flimsy) and also replaced motors again .....now with 10,000 rpm racing set (its an easy mod to do on all the GM motor range - just have to be careful not to strip the gears.....) - also IR remote installed and an Arduino Mega as brain.

I have removed the old bi-colour eyes and replaced with high intensity RGB ones instead.

Also i have installed a RGB led into the lower Jaw bone and along side an LDR to detect the reflected colour.

"Moooo" Rare Swiss Cow Project has begun

Following on from the Laser Experiments i have decided to attach it to some kind of walking Robot.

I am now a avid fan of Theo Jansen -  after rik brought him to light in his Blog.

So far i have Prototyped two pairs of "Theo" legs using "MindStorms" as an experimental base.

It worked better than i could have imagined - these legs go like a Cow on its way to the milking parlour.........

Only problem now is what  medium shall i use to make the final version.....

POV (persistence of Vision) from Hacked "Aircraft carrier marshalling light"

Take one Aircraft carrier marshalling light ..... or something you can pick up at the local supermarket for 10CHF(10dollars) like i did.

Hack the living daylights (joke intended) out of it.

Result =  4x8 neat LED rows..........plus a neat battery box,enclosure and strong magnet (for another project)

With a dremmel cut the positive tracks and expose some of the copper track

Mysterious Tracks Appear in snow !!!!

Whats happening on Gs balcony ?

Off the track :- i need to ID this car and its year of manufacture - if anyone knows then please post a picture here and i will add you to the unofficial sponsors list........ really i am serious.

(But wait a moment - this project needs an MPU & motor driver - but which ones - what would you official sponsors send me haha)

I would like to reproduce this exact set up.........

Propellor :- "Major Nichols" hits the Rollers - laser wheel encoder (Part 5)

One Etape closer.........

Decided it was time to try out my "Laser wheel encoder - Propellor Rig" with my actual racing bike :-

Starting to get the hang of the Propellors Display Gui.

Sporting in chronological order

Propellor :- Laser Roller Install Part 4

Permanent install of laser/photo transistor brackets and circuit walk-though.

As the laser needs to be pretty "Solid",  i decided to install it using metal brackets.... so ......

..... it aint gonna move and miss-align whilst i hit 60Km/sec


Propellor :- laser spoke detector "Interactive Roller Experience" Part 3

Out with the reed-switch in with the lasered 32 spoke detector.

What this means is instead of 1 pulse per revolution of the wheel .....i have instead 32 (one pulse/spoke) ..... meaning a much faster update of my speed.

Video explains the details...........

Propellor :- "Interactive Roller Experience" Part 2 Display Gui

nonstream link part2 Display Gui

At last i have cracked my Propellor/Spin Display Gui headache using a combination of the tv.spin and graphics.spin   object files.

The basic "Speedo" stage is complete giving me a much more satisfying digital and analog gauge to watch (already 1-up on the traditional cycle speedometers).

Propellor :- "Interactive Roller Experience Begins" Part 1

So the Build has Started.........

My first real dive into "Spin" Processing.......... using an "EasyProp" propellor board........

Its been an interesting week learning how to setup input and output digitals , also setting up the Monkey-tasking was a bonus (i just love MT now - sorry Arduino :-)

It was also a simple task to set up the Video output to my Dispaly Gui that will fit onto my bike.

My brain hurts from trying to understand the time_ing and crystal settings and multiplyer constants.....

Propellor Based - Bike Rollers - Draft Idea Stage

I am an avid Bike rider and now winter is approaching the idea of jumping on my "Rollers" during the dark evenings to keep up the fitness campaign frankly gives me no incentive .....at all ..... nada ..... however it has to be done (i am not the only one for sure).

My Guess is there could be quite a market in the racing Cyclist community for the proposed ideas below..

Riding 30-60 minutes on "Rollers" is pretty boring......... I want to change this ....