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Victorian Electronics (Mystery) Busted

This apparent rare Victorian film has recently come into my hands.......

.... it appears to be some kind of electronic devise......

.... in the background is an "Organ Grinder" playing his Hand Organ.......

..... Any guesses what it is and what its for...........?

.........OK ok Ive be busted............ CTC has Twigged my "Victorian Film" as fake

However Congratulations to ezekiel181 for sussing the device.......

Yes this is no Victorian Film ..........

RC plane Project Part 11 - XBee Pro Field/Range Test

RC plane Project Part 11 - XBee Pro Field/Range Test

(NonStream Link) XBee Pro Field/Range Test 

At last i have done some field tests with the Xbees ..........

...... I have been jumping/running around my local flying field .......

..... even on the lowest power setting i was able to Rx a good clean signal....

Mystery Secret - Late Summer Object Quiz

Here is a Late Summer Mystery Secret for you to ponder over.

Any Guesses however obscure welcome.

So what is it ?

How can it be used ?

Can any "Metal Can" transistor be used (this is a very important Question) ?

Which famous Film is the music at the end from ?

And why did i not i think of this before ?

RC plane Project Part 10 - Wii-Nunchuk Experiment www.letsmakerobots.com (Gareth)

RC plane Project Part 10 - Wii-Nunchuk Experiment

NonStream Wii_Nunchuk Experiment

With all the recent talk with regards to the Wii_Nunchuk ..... and somewhere in a post someone dared me to attach a Wii-Nunchuk to Depron, i thought that at least i should give it a whirl to see how it felt.

Findings :-

I know that its still in "Dry-Hanger" at the moment but from my feelings the Nunchuck would only be of any use for the Ailerons.

RC plane Project Part 9 - Spray Painting Patrouille Suisse Style

Good news and Bad news............

Bad news :- is one of my Xbees "Kicked the Bucket".

I had been using the same setup all week and on a simple power-up its power Led blipped then remained off...........

Bad news UPDATE:- RedBox Firm are winging a replacement ASAP :-)

Anyway i have to renew it - so for the moment i am "Grounded" - "Locked Down" .... Shift Happens......

RC plane Project Part 7 & 8 - Rudder / Elevator Servos and Motor-Mount Test

Non Stream Link Motor Test 1 Depronmotortest1.wmv

Non Stream Link Rudder / Elevator installation & Motor Test  2 Depron Rudder/Elevator servos

Installation of Rudder and Elevator Servos..... and

Test of Motor Mount for Depron , not full power yet - as no multimeter was in circuit (max 10A before burnout ;-)

Bandit @ 13:00 - Part 4 XBees (Plus Extra :- EPP Flying practice)

Project "Depron" took one leap forward , with the successful implementation of the XBee Pros and Servo mechanisms.

This is a key part of the project, which means that i can now rest easy that i have 1.5Kms of control over the plane.

It was no easy task to find compatible libraries for the Serial & Servo control,

In the end a combo of the NewSoftSerial.h and ServoTimer1.h was the perfect match for the XBee Pros, the whole system is running rock steady @ 38400Baud (@momo).

Arduino XBee Serial Multiple Servo Solution

Here i present my Arduino XBee Serial Multiple Servo Solution

Here is a Sketch of the system (apparently sketching your ideas is the thing todo...........)

I thought i was home and dry with my Depron1, Depron2 project untill i found out that mixing serial data and servos (ie >2 servos) with the Arduino environment is just not possible (due to the complexity of the multiple interrupts).

Bandits @ 12:00 Operation "Depron" (Will Gareth take to the Air)

After a long absence from flying gliders and control-line aeroplanes, i have decided to take to the air again, with the experience/inspiration and ideas from LMR - i think i have enough guts to start right from scratch.

Yes you guessed it ........ this is not an "Off the Shelf" model, this will be a complete self build from solid floor to fluffy cloud.....