Let's Make Robots!

Swiss Milka Cow ......"BlueTooth"......... Enabled

At long last there is Light at the End of the Tunnel (laser Light that is).

The BlueTooth Link is established to my Swiss "Milka" Cow.

This means i can control it remotely and also Gleam off the amazing info that the Wii-Mote has to offer.

What you see in the Video is the first BlueTooth remote drive tests and also a glimpse at the "Visual-Basic" Gui that will control the Cow based on what it reads from the Scanning Laser (which is picked up by the Wii-Mote camera)

Swiss Cow Head Laser Distance Probe

"Moooooooo" project is still on course........

Basic idea is to attach the Head to a Theo Jansen four legged chassis blogged here.......

Had some great fun creating a PolyMorph Cows Head.

Using a Skinning technique i could make a really thin layer of PolyMorph.

This means that it is amazingly Translucent - for adding lights.


In the Picture above you can see its secret laser system.

PolyMorph goes Psycho-Delic

Just a taster .............. the secret will be revealed after the " Commercial Break"........





"Burnt Umber" ...........burnt thumber ...... or the synthetic leather look.



Mystery Object :- what is this mysterious thing i found lurking in my office corner

Here is a strange mystery Object i luckily caught on Video earlier this evening roaming around my office........

 Is it a UFO ........?

What high tech spacey material did i make it from ........?

What is its sole purpose in life ...... ?

All Crazy......sane ..... or insane guesses Welcome.......Gareth

For you None Streamers out there press (here)

Arduino RF remote LCD display of Temparature & Humidity

Aim of Project :- Transmit via RF remote values of Temparature & Humidity to a LCD display.

Why:- because i have always dreaded sending floating point values to a LCD display and

wanted to carve it in stone for other projects i have lined up.

& Why :- RF Links are just so cool 8-P        500ft range is not to be sneezed at......

Wii - Motion Plus (Nintendos Latest Roll-Pitch-Yaw Gyro sensor ) meets the Arduino

Nintendos amazing add-on wins again..........

Thought i would blog this to get the LMR2 "Think Tank" activated,

......... so come on ..... any brilliant ideas what can be done with it ?.

Nintendo in a bid to improve thier Wii gaming unit brought out a small unit that attaches to the bottom of the Wii remote controller (bluetooth)

The Result is a Roll-Pitch-Yaw Gyro sensor (-: at a very competative price :-) which can be Hacked to read the raw gyro information via the i2C bus.

"LoMoR" - Lets Orientate & Map Our Robots (Sonar Based)

"LoMoR" - Lets Orientate & Map Our Robots (Sonar Based)

 Also Blogged as Mystery Object Here

My System Uses a LCD display to Map an area which is scanned by an Ultrasonic or IR Distance_ing transducer.

The Angle of the Probe is converted from polar Coordinate to Cartesian Coords and then displayed X,Y fashion on the LCD Display.

The System works pretty well i must say, however the "Extra" echos of Ultrasonic signal can be miss-leading.

Solar Aeroplane-Bot - (Weekend Project) Teaser Video

What do you get if you strap a Solar cell wired up in a Miller-Engine configuration, with the output powering a Pager motor with a propellor stuck to the front.

Yes a Solar TableTop flyer........... This is the Prototype - the replacement is 99% finished. (just need 1% Sun)

The "In the Hanger" Aeroplane is waiting for the "Real" sun to come out for Video Shoot.

Can you Guess what the Theme will be haha hoho hehe.


VVV Video Teaser VVV - actual speed.......

Mystery Gadget - Code name "LoMoR" - RSS feeds Bog Off

Here is a Mystery Gadget i made for you to ponder over until i get some Video Up and Running.

Edit:- Now Fully Blogged "LoMoR"

NB. If there are any Automatic RSS feeders listening into this Blog then  "Bog Off" ,this is a Top Secret LMR only scoop.

Any Idea what it is then feel free to guess............codenamed "LoMoR" Lets-Orientate-Map-Our-RobotsRSSFEEDERSBOGOFF.jpg

Don Quixote - Solar Quest - Trailer ........... Now Premiere

Appearing Soon .........

 Don Quixote - The Solar Quest - Trailer   Now Live Premiere Here