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IRobots Soft Morph locomotion - Jamming

How is this for new organic like movement for your bot.

URL :- Soft Morph Locomotion

also link here :- chembot

Lego MindStorms breaks Glass - Hilarious

Lego MindStorms breaks Glass cabinet - Hilarious

Tweel - new tire system

Hows this for none air filled tires ........ recommended for skid steering too.

Omnidirectional Camera (using Christmas Bauble)

Take one Round Silver Christmas Tree Bauble circa. 60mm and one simple ordinary webcam camera.

Mount the Camera pointing up at the ceiling (or Heavens).

Place the bauble Circa. 150mm above the Camera and Hey Presto you have 360° field of View.

The arrangement can be reversed depending on "Point of View".


Ok its distorted but should be enough to detect IR signals (look at the ceiling light for example).

Personal Helicopter

Better him than me........ Personal Helicopter

Cardboard Robot Game - starring LMR Look-alikes (rik-puff-calculon-mikv Pyro style !!)

Just for fun i found this game with an uncanny likeness to LMR bods.

including  rik (with Admin-glasses)- puff (the Dragon) - Calculon320 (the robot)- mikv (pyrotechniques).

There are too many synchronous LMR events in this game ....... (did an ex spammer make it !!!!)

Graph Plotting anyone know of any java type plotting programmes

Anyone know of a simple no messing graph plotting program - ie java based (not excel )

All i need to do is plot  a series of numbers x,y    like so.......

This is the data i get from my latestThunderBird 6 project and i need to see the data presented in a simple way.


Simple Servo Drive Help.... ie small - light and simple.

What is the simplest processor i can use for driving a single Servo plus   1 input/1 output (digital)

I am talking minimalistic here - ie small - light and simple.

My Plan is to construct a light weight Flight Robot.

It could be i use a servo or maybe a custom linear actuator for steering...

Muscle Wire example is one idea last video (thanks emuller)

Ant Hexapod with very cool moves

Hexapod with very cool moves



The video may take a short while to load.....its worth the wait