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Big Dog - Amazing Robotics - Extreme Balance at its Best

Amazing Video showing what can be really done with robots.

The Balance system on this robot is unbelievable.

Its able to cope with steep inclines - Snow - Ice.

It can Run.

It weighs 235LBS and can carry a 350LBS payload

It can also jump 0.5 Meter

IR reflective sensors QRD1113/1114 - How high off floor

Simple Question:-

I am programming an Arduino as a line follower using  5 IR reflective sensors QRD1113/1114 made into a fixed in-line bar style rig

How far from the ground do they need to be placed for best response (ie black line on white surface) ?

(do they need high flyer 1-2cm or low rider 1mm)



Polymorph - How do you colour it

I would like to colour some polymorph - how can i do this.....thanks


Super Brilliant Avoid Obstacle Strategies - Open Question

I have built a Bot with Arduino as MCU and wish to give it a life of its own.

Has anyone Created a "Super Brilliant" Strategy for avoiding obstacles ?.

So far my bot does this (rather On/Off control) :-

(1) When it detects an object Right it turns Left until the coast is clear and carries on with its original direction.

(2) When it detects an object Left it turns Right until coast is clear and carries on with its original direction.