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S2 Parallax Scribbler UV series... Part 3 of 5 :- Chinese Brush Strokes "Eternity" Its been a long haul and reluctance to "Really Void" the warranty on my S2, … Read more
I present a novel locomotion system which comes into its own when there is snow around. I was inspired by a couple of videos of a Fordson tractor & Chevrolet … Read more
Grips and holds on for dear life....
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This is a three pronged robotic gripper designed using "Blender" and printed on my Ultimaker 3D printer.   The basic principle is simple - when the gripper grips … Read more
Flap her wings kinda realistically
This is my latest Solar powered Animatronic Butterfly. She was designed using Blender 2.68a as an exercise in creating drive systems for onithopter systems. It was … Read more
Desktop robots are becoming more and more popular, ie a companion that breaths the midnight "Rosin" solder flux with you. I present Dave , who is of monolith … Read more
So far so good..... early dremel dentistry indicates that its viable and worth pursuing ....... However i need some ...... More-ality Voting :- ..... Are you a … Read more
Unmanned Ground Vehicle UGV Multiple Sensor Platform
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I have always wanted a robot with multiple sensors to absorb and shout out about the environment in which it lives. So what you will be seeing with "PropRover" is a … Read more
Here i present a Line following robot using a Parallax Propeller mcu (M44D40+) Here you see the WhiteBlue leds acting a visual debug and (to be programmed nerdy … Read more
Here are my first three attempts at creating an Anti-Gravity machine. Its Solar powered just to take into account that when they do eventually work then they will … Read more
Cliff Detection, Tracks Flames, Puts Out Fires, Dragons Breath Effect, Fright or Flight mode, Angry mode
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"Puff " - The Magic Fire (Breathing-Fighting) Dragon. Puff is able to Put out Fires - He Scans his Head to find the Flames - he orientates towards the Flame - and … Read more