Let's Make Robots!
Update 20141220 >> HUD display added 8x8Matrrix    (many thanks to Duane Degn for his Propeller Spin code) Read more
Measures my Heart activity on a FPGA chip
At Last I have been able to experiment with my  terasic Deo_Nano FPGA Development Board. It uses an Altera Cyclone IV, EP4CE22F17C6N, FPGA chip. My example above … Read more
You might remember an earlier post I made with regards to a Robert Murray Smith Indigogo campaign , btw thanks to any of you LMRians for contributing, he exceeded … Read more
Seems i have collected a few ....apparently dead electric tooth brushes ...... or are they.... I have converted one as a contact-less charger to give me 5 & 3.3 … Read more
XY Scanning/Plotting Bed
This idea has been cooking in my workshop for a looong time now.... I have always wanted a 2D scanning/printing area for various projects. So i present here a … Read more
Detects Spirits in 3D and plays 3D surround Sound Tracking signal
Fritsl_s Spirit Detector has been niggling me for more than a year now. I have used the circuit he described and multiplied it by 3x. The Idea is so :- Place an … Read more
Draws / Plots Glöwing pictures
Its time to bring all my blogs together and show the driving force behind a project i started here early September Mystery Autumn . The idea came after buying a … Read more
Warns me when a parcel or letter enters the Post box - "FireFly" Themed
     For years now i have wanted to "Hot-Wire" my Mail/Parcel Box, unfortunately most mail boxes in CH can only be found on the ground floor (strange but true) … Read more
Enables you to draw in Virtual Air-space, or control things ie.Virtual Control Button Panel
I have been a fan of Johnny Chung Lees work with the Wiimote camera for a long time now .... ... (its always/always roaming in the back of my mind) .... during my … Read more
3D Midi Controller using a Wii-Mote
Wii-Quencer is a 3D midi controller using the Wii-mote bluetooth gaming controller. Blogged here as the "Mystery Summer Object 2010" The work you see here was … Read more